View Full Version : CONTROLL - Recruiting [ CTRL ]

01-16-2012, 12:10 AM
Looking for a few people who are interested in trying out for a team that is serious about their Gears.

Setting up for GameBattles right now but If it happens we plan on attending MLG and participating in the circuit. We are West Coast based [ mostly CA ] So it would be good if you are as well.

Looking for somebody who can handle their 1v1s. Excellent communication skills. Definitely has to be a team player and know how to work their way in to and out of all situations that they may run in to. We try to practice every night. Whether it be Ranked Alpha to test out strats or doing scrims against other teams. Would prefer a Slayer. Someone who gets it in while being supported by his team mates.

My GT is: Dome CTRL

Hit me up and I'll shoot an invite your way when my team is on.

Post here too with some info about your self. Play style, experience, anything you may think is relevant.

Hope to here from some of you soon!

Metroid Black
01-16-2012, 02:58 PM
Play Style. i can go from using the Longshot to provide cover and lookouts my hammerburst is pretty decent as well, or be a slayer type with the Gnasher im good in 1V1'S GOOD wall bouncer been playing GOW 3 since it came out but havent player GOW1 or GOW2 tho >.>'