View Full Version : gears of war 3 in 3D

anxiety alchemist
01-03-2012, 04:25 AM
has anyone here played in 3D and if anyone has what is it like??????

anxiety alchemist
01-03-2012, 04:46 AM
any one? i wanna know

Muppet May Cry
01-03-2012, 04:50 AM
No, but a friends had and said it was great, still AC Revelations has a better 3D than this he also said.

01-03-2012, 07:40 AM
I've tried it a a friends house who owns a 3D tv. I brought my copy of Gow3 with me. We used an 3D tv with active glasses. There's an option in settings on your xbox you have to enable first before you can use 3D. After that the setup is pretty easy. I played MP private on TDM Old Town.

Here's my experience. The 3D effect is visible. You can see depth on the long paths and buildings around and in the map. The graphics seems to be a bit worse. I noticed more 'pixalation' in the characters and map. It didnt looked as polished it does in 2D.

The framerate seems consistent. Not more worse than normal 2D. The croshair stays 2D. It looks a bit off when playing. You would expect the crosshair would scale appropiate to the depth. I've read that Killzone 3 has fixed this issue for their 3D version. Gears has not as it wasn't intended to be 3D. Killzone was intended to be 3D as Sony is trying to push their 3D television line. Gears put it in as a novely but not perse a selling point.

The gameplay mechanics work the same way. It didn't improve my gameplay or made it better. After playing so much Gears i already know how much distance is needed for each gun to be effective. I had friends who never played Gears looking too. They immediatly felt dizzy when i was roadie running as the cameraview was shaking. The normal roadierun can be nausiating when you're just an onlooker but the 3D enhanced that feeling. I was used to it so it didnt bother me... at first. After a few minutes of roadie running i noticed it too. I was fixated so much on the surroundings and enemies, my eyes had difficulty to keep up with the fast paced camerarotating action. I never have problems with it playing 2D as i don't really look focus at points on the map, just the enemies. But because of the 3D i kept looking at everything, the walls, the paths, the tower and the far end and the enemies. Combined with fast camera action i felt kinda queezy after 3 or 4 matches.

I haven't tried it again after that. I want to try it again some time. Even though i got kinda motion sick of it. I think i still need to adjust to it. 3D looks awesome if you can overlook the worse graphics detail and queezy feelings.