View Full Version : Silverback (Rockets), Kill Locust (Like A Boss) & More

11-13-2011, 10:34 AM
If you'd like help with ANY achievement, and need an excellent player to help you out, add away. I've helped out tons of people with the new "Command Pack" DLC, Campaign trophies, Cog tags, etc. I have the Silverback with rockets, "Command Center" fortification and more.

You Do Not Need To Level Up Anything Since I Have Earned ALL Fortifications In Horde.

I do this because I actually enjoy helping others out.


IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE ADULT LANGUAGE, don't bother adding. I don't randomly swear for no reason, but I call BS as I see it.

DO NOT POST YOUR gamer tag here, add me over xlive. gt: INS0MNIUM (the o is a zero) And lastly, I prefer people with mics. Communication is too important. Peace out, and happy gaming MFer's