View Full Version : Anya (player 4) remains dead, player 4 cannot play

09-21-2011, 03:05 AM
Map Name: Raven's Nest
Game Type: Campaign
Location (where in the Level, where in the menus, etc.): the part where the Lambent Leviathan uses the containers to crush you.
Were you in a Party?: Yes
If so, how many were in your party?: Me and my girlfriend
How did you join? (invite, join button in party panel, blade, etc.: My girlfriend joined via invite
How did you leave?: N/A
Ranked or Public or Both?: Public, players were joining
Was this in your first match or after transition?: My girlfriend had just died by being crushed by the containers. After reloading the checkpoint, me, my girlfriend and Jace ran out normally, but Anya wouldn't run so I saw her legs and blood splat all over the place. The objective failed screen never showed, and player 4 couldn't play (because anya was dead). When Player 3 died, we had to reload again, Anya still wasn't there.
What was happening right before the issue occurred?: We had to reload the checkpoint. I think two players just joined the game.
What is your NAT type?: Open.

09-21-2011, 04:49 AM
i had a similar issue concerning anya

player lagged out, only happened once all campaign
was still in the game and was able to rejoin
player couldnt see anything but blood
restart of checkpoint fixed it