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08-10-2011, 10:08 AM
I just finished playing my second run through Bulletstorm, and wow, I love this game. It was a blast throughout the entire 7-8 hour campaign. I just noticed something in Act 7, Chapter 2 though.

Spoiler.... When you run to Trishka after you defeat Sorano, he locked you in the airlock and sends you off to your death. You are launched out of the ship on a large platform. Then a bunch of other troops get on other platforms and are launched off after you. Was there meant to be an air battle as you fall out of the sky? I think so...

Now it fades to black and when you reemerge, you are already crashed on the ground. It would have been cool to have a free falling segment showing how you landed. I'm sure time schedules forced it to be removed, but did anyone else notice that?

08-10-2011, 05:11 PM
That would have been a fantastic scene if they did incorporate it. It would really kickstart an exciting race to get back to the Ulysses for the final chapter. I think the one thing that they were missing in the last chapter was an on rails segment, or a more unique battle set piece. Plus I felt cheated when the last confrontation with Sorano was basically a cut scene. They needed to top everything with something chaotic.

Early on they had you on the train car with a large Cog rolling after you. That was probably the coolest scenario that happened. A free fall on the platform fighting hordes of enemies who are hovering at various levels around could have book-ended these fantastical scenarios.

It could have even incorporated the large beast that was terrorizing the city one last time.

Anyways, one can only wish....