View Full Version : Widget Wierdness

07-02-2009, 11:38 PM
I can select and adjust custom static meshes no problem but when i use the builder brush to make something as simple as a box i dont have the option to move scale or rotate the brush i just made.

I looked up this issue and found a solution on Hourences website and I thought i found a solution but to no avail the recommendations didn't work heres what is listed there.->

# My widget (the movement/rotation/scaling thing) disappeared.
At the top toolbar on the left side is a button with a strange cross on it. Make sure it is enabled. It is on the left of the three regular Move, Rotate, and Scale buttons. It says 'Show/use the widget' when you hover over it.
If that wasn't it, expand the viewport menu by clicking the button with the arrow that points down, roughly on the right of every viewport toolbar, and make sure 'Mode Widgets' is enabled.

Please anyone if you have any advise it would save my arse cause i can get back to making this level.

Oh and its not the arrow button to the left of the show/use widget button