View Full Version : The Semper Fi Legends

03-02-2009, 12:30 AM

This is a gmaing clan of gamers without regard to race, ethnic origin, religion, age or gender. We take great pride in our heritage, seek to build common bonds among all members, their descendants, and host a part of SemFi(1st Tactial Elites)any where in the United States and Europe. Our clan is one of the most vibrant clan but with you supporting our goals and helping strengthen the SemFi| this will be one of the best clan on the internet.

There are tons of ways for everyone to interact and have fun in our clan, so ready to rock. We are a top notch Shooting, Racing, And Strategy clan, and now we have a website to mach it. We have chatbox, forums, commenting, everything what a gamer needs. Introduce yourself in the forums and comment on stuff so bookmark this site to your favorites and tell all your friends. We are really excited to get this up and running, it will be awesome.

This is a PC, Xbox 360, And PS3 Clan.


Clan Founder: LethalCommando