View Full Version : Since TU2, what is going on with LAG???

02-26-2009, 10:35 AM
Anyone else having the problems Im having...? Im very confused because there are many people in these forums that are claiming that they are experiencing no lag at all.

Im on a cable broadband with 700+kbps down and 80kpbs up. Im using the MS wireless adapter and a dir-655 dlink router. I have all the proper ports forwarded and I never am downloading or uploading while on xboxlive. I've been an IT professional for 8 years, so I know how to configure a network for optimal performance.

I never had any issues when connecting to host matches in GOW1 - the only time I hosted in GOW1 was to get the achievement. I never experience this degree of lag on any other mulitplayer game. And let me tell you, the experience I had playing GOW1 with the very little lag, if any, of the thousands of public matches I played was what got me hooked in this great series.

With GOW2, from release to TU2 was hit and miss with lag. But at least I would always get a decent score... more kills than deaths during my matches.
AFTER TU2...im lucky if i GET a kill in a majority of my matches.

I know it is to do with lag because when I am host I can destroy the opposing players are encounter. But when Im not host I shoot, is see the aiming sight red, and blood is flying but I will die and notice my point score has not increased at all. I know this will happen sometimes but since TU2 it seems to happen all the time!!!

Before TU2 I was a solid 3 bar player and I ranked well in matches with other rank 3 and 4s. Sometimes I would rank at the top but mostly above avg. Now with TU2 I have been ranked down to 2 bars and I am constantly being mowed down by weaker players.

Im praying that EPIC fixes these lag issues in TU3!