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smurf plastic
01-03-2009, 11:32 PM
I didn't find anything with the search bar, but I think that any tidbits of information should be listed here. Things that may seem trivial, but something that could help in a FanFic. Personally I'm thinking foods, weapon systems, anything that could help add a little realism to FanFics (such as mine). Try to work on this post people, only because everything is pretty slow in this Holiday Season. Other than that, thanks for any help!
Here's what we have so far
-The COG have a complex system to make food for the inhabitants of Jacinto. The North Gate is an open air farmland and is filled with hydroponics, microprotien farms and poultry units. It existed until after the Lightmass bomb was set off in Gears 1, when it opened fissures that allowed the Locust to emerge and take the area. Most of the equipment was salvaged. It can be assumed that they have a high-protein and high-carbohydrate diet since they would need both muscles and lots of energy. This could come in the form of both meat and starches, but it is unknown what types of plants Sera has so it could also come from one grain.
-The Stranded on the other hand have to scavenge for food. In the beginning of the war that means they most likely searched for canned foods and other non-perishable foods. But it is obvious that most non-perishables would have gone bad after 14 years, so these people have adapted. They eat anything, from plants to animals. They are known to eat dog, rat, cat, and Kryll. It is unknown how they obtain the last-from capturing or from finding dead Kryll it is unknown. It is also a possibly that the Stranded grow crops. I think it wouldn't be far-fetched, as any normal person would attempt to plant crops in such a situation. This isn't official, but the Stranded could have easily taken over old food facilities, such as hydroponics, aeroponics, or even old fashion stick a plant in dirt and water it fields. In such a situation don't think inside the box. If it's edible chances are Stranded are willing to eat it.
-The planet of Sera has taken quite the beating over the years. The Pendulum Wars was the beginning of the age of W.M.D.s, an unlike humans on Earth, Serans wielded their power with no regret. Radiation, chemicals, and disease most likely still affect older war zones. Then, when the Locust emerged, the COG burned most of the planet. It is safe to assume that many places are lifeless wastelands, devoid of most plant and animal life. It is possible that these changes have somehow changed the wildlife, but that is pure speculation. If there was mutations in wildlife they wouldn't be noticeable. Anything that has been affected by massive doses of such weapons would die, not survive.
-Seasons. Sera is known to have Earth like seasons, including Frost, Winter and Thaw(which is like our spring). It can be assumed that they have a summer (since the seasons are like ours), but it is possible Thaw goes into Frost. If there is a summer it is unknown how long it is and how hot it gets.
-Weather. Sera is known to have some pretty wild weather formations. From sunny days slipping into raging lightning filled nights in no time, or "Razor Hail". Razor Hail is possibly shards of very sharp ice that fall from the sky in the same way rain falls. It seems to not be able to punch through heavy vehicle and building armor, but can slice through flesh and some biological material. It is unknown if these wild environmental hazards are natural, or a side-effect from the large us of WMDs in the Pendulum Wars.
-Continents. Sera is mostly one landmass, with several chains of islands under it.
-Lancer Rifle-Standard COG rifle, it is one of the most popular rifles. Known for its reliability,easy maintenance, and high accuracy this weapon is great for tactics the Gears use. The chainsaw bayonet is purely for leveling the playing field with the physically superior Locust.
-P-Lancer-The Pendulum Wars cousin to the standard COG rifle, this weapon is supposedly common with Stranded.
-Gnasher Shotgun-this gun fires rounds with buckshot, making it the ideal weapon for close quarters. It can take out a man sized enemy in one shot at three meters, and is slightly more realistic for close quarters as the chainsaw would both alert enemies and need the wielder to get up close. The shotgun wielder can just poke around the corner and fire.
-Snub pistol-The standard COG firearm it isn't that popular. Though it has zoom capabilities that make it an effective long range weapon, it's rounds aren't that powerful.

01-03-2009, 11:38 PM
Great idea, but regards of food, we do not know right now except:



-Being in the middle of war, stranded are the left behinds, meaning that they do not have the resources to hunt and gather food, like the COG. But they do eat, any wildlife that they can manage to find. Thier food, or dinner consits, of dog, or any other animal native to Sera, rat's for example, and in Gears 1, they were known to eat kryll, that had been somehow captured.

Clarion Commander
01-03-2009, 11:46 PM

Just look around on different articles and you'll find a good amount of random information about the routines of the COG, armor details and stuff.

01-03-2009, 11:46 PM
I have been adding several animals to my fan fic, just see the Characters of Sera 2.0
Trying to think of other foods out of the ordinary, beyond possible regualr food that can be added. But I haven't gotten to the jungle portion of my fan fic yet(Inserence Day)

01-04-2009, 05:31 AM
I am going to have a couple of characters in my story eat Locust. =)

I'm assuming kryll can be trapped by luring them into a cage. Have a single person stand in the darkness underneath it then slam the trap when they descend, and throw on the lights. Of course, this assumes that when a big light hits them, they burn but don't disintegrate.

EDIT: Also, a lot of people forget that Serans used chemical weapons in the Pendulum Wars; Some areas may still be contaminated.

01-04-2009, 09:47 PM
There's a portion of Jacinto called the North Gate. It has open air farmland and is filled with hydroponics, microprotien farms and poultry units.
The lightmass bomb opened fissures in the granite, and the farmland was eventually overtaken by the Locusts 6 months after Gears 1. The hydroponics and most food was successfully salvaged.

Sera has (or had) horses.
They have chickens, rats, dogs and cats as well. Stranded have been known to eat rats, dogs and cats.

Sera has a 26 hour day.

The seasons Frost, Winter and Thaw are mentioned. I haven't heard summer, or their alternate name for summer, mentioned.

Sera is mostly one large landmass.

01-05-2009, 01:17 PM
in aspho fields (novel) it explains all about how and where they produce food :)

read it

Azog 150
01-06-2009, 01:00 PM
They have Razor Hail which is very large, sharp pieces of hail that can kill.It is unknown if there are other severe weather conditions. Razor Hail could possibly be a side effect of pollution or the WMD's used in the Pendulum Wars (Causing possible global warming or other side effects)

smurf plastic
01-14-2009, 09:28 PM
Bump. And I added several weapons, soon will be tactics to dispose of certain enemies.