View Full Version : Windows Vista Crashes the game.

12-14-2008, 12:48 AM
Hey. So my friend gave me Gears for the pc. This was the second copy he had gotten. The first one did the same thing this one did on his computer. What it did was it would crash. The error code was not the warwhatever one what it said was that it unexpectedly shut down. He gave it to me to and I put it on my brand new computer. Intel Quad core 2.33ghz. 8gb of DDR2 1066 OCZ Reaper. ASUS P5QL PRO. nVidia EVGA 9800GT. It ended up doing the same thing that his did. It gave me an error that said that it unexpectedly shut down. Please Help me I love this game but I do not have an XBox 360 so please help so I can play it.