View Full Version : Hosting System

11-26-2008, 05:36 PM
In gears1 you could easily host a game and invite your friends into the lobby with you which was a great way to party up because you could pick how private slots etc.etc. :)
The best thing though was that you could have your friend or yourself choose to be the host and still play against whoever happens to see your game on the search list... this also was much better because you could see whether or not the connection in that game was Great, OK or Bad (and bars to represent the connection/ping)

So why have this new match making system that is never fair? there is always a problem with UK connecting to USA and vise versa... and in some cases there can be alot of cheating with specific hosts using 'lag switches' to there advantage :mad: which obviously makes the game pointless playing online :confused:

It may be a good idea to bring back this old system instead of the new private or new public options? :D