View Full Version : My swag

11-22-2008, 12:15 AM
-best buy game display it a shelf with 2 mf posters on the side
-marcus fenix stand up from gamestop
-walmart gears of war 2 promo bottle opener (yeah i was thinking what you were WTF!)
-gears of war 2 standard edition
-gears of war 2 best buy exclusive centaur tank
-amazon.com exclusive life size lancer 13lbs
-gears of war aphso fields by karen traviss
-gears of war 2 walmart promo lanyard
-gears of war 2 gamestop COG tags
-amazon.com locust headshot action fig. with COG tags
-gears of war series 2 box set all 4 series 2 figs in box
-gears of war 2 lancer t shirt
-gears of war 2 crimson omen hoodie
-gears of war standard edition