View Full Version : They gonna add old style public match??! matchmaking blows

11-14-2008, 08:22 PM
I really loved gears 1, me and my brother in law played the piss out of it. But after playing the awesome single player campaign in co-op we decided to play some badass gears 2 online.

Only to sit in a lobby wondering wtf is going on. and then after 4 hrs of waiting we findly got to game time only to have everyone else pick what gametype were gonna play and what map were gonna play!!!!

Maybe im to use to playing pc games and having freedom to choose my gametype and what map i want to play but this just really blows. We were so siked for gears 2.

Not sure if this has been gone over or not dont really care i payed $60 and felt liek giving my 2 cents. I imagine they cant just add public match style like they use to have so im gonna sell it and try to get some of my cash back.

Again great single player campaign.