View Full Version : What do i really need?

11-26-2007, 04:25 PM
hi there i got a serious dump question...

i downloaded a few mods, maps and mutations. and the files looked defferent, at mutation there were only 1 .ini and 1 .u file.... ini in config folder and .u in cookedpc/scripts
(that was easy)

but then the maps:
some of theme only got a .ini and a .ut3 file, some of them also got a .utp (package) file.

and i recognized that UT3 created a few package files, which got the word LOC_ (i think it stands vor local) in their names.

i moved some files because i wanted to see if they are needed or not, but after i moved theme, it still worked, now, i want to ask:

which files do i need?
all inis in the config files, but UT3 also creats .ini files in the custom maps folder, why?
what are the packages good 4?
which files can i delete without having problems to start these maps?