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11-23-2007, 10:01 PM
hello all

well i made a map
a basic one room ctf thorns type map

i want to get this on the TAO server but id like to ad a screen shot and a descript.
i dont know this new editor to well and it was NOT COVERED in the tutorial cd

3dbuzz is usualy right on but failed to cover a few things and this was one
but hey i know what the file drop down is for at the top...what a joke...

so if anyone could help me out here would be much apriciated


11-24-2007, 01:36 PM
i tried the old version of putting a pic in and doing descript

first it wouldnt except a bmp pic even though it says its a exceptable format
i finally took a tga scrnShot
i saved it to myLevel i put in the my name as maker and basicly that was it. i found this under world properties in the view drop down

when i tried to bake and publish this map it said myLevel couldnt be found
it played in game like a published but it had default scrnShot

is it me or was it kinda dumb on whoevers fault to release this "tutorial" cd
with no tutorial on how to actualy finish the map?
i know 3dbuzz had it work cut out for it with this new editor but common
all those tuts on what the file,view ect do kinda but to end the project at the end with not what to do to finish the map?
or was it some geek someplace that decided what to put on that cd?
if so let hang the geek high!