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Tell me what you liked, didn't like, and give me suggestions for future chapters. It would really help me to understand what you guys think this Fan Fic should be. Go crazy!

Chapter 1 – Crash Site
It had all happened to fast. There was no time to think, react, or say a prayer to god, say goodbye to loved ones, let go. There was no time for any of that. There were only shouts and explosions.
Damon Baird wanted to survive this war. He didn’t want to die like this. He had always wanted to be recognized for the brilliant soldier he was, and die a hero, not the lousy death of a private.
Augustus Cole had remembered his mother’s words from so many years ago. He couldn’t die. He wouldn’t die. She had said so. Cole was beginning to have his doubts. Normally, he would’ve come up with a snappy remark, and crazy cry of adrenaline, or something just as morale-boosting. This time, there were none. All he could think about was the pavement rushing up to meet the King Raven he was in. “Mom,” he thought, “You were wrong. See you in Heaven.”
Then, there was a crash, an explosion, and Alpha Team knew no more.

Baird was jolted awake by a rough tugging. He opened his eyes, only to find himself on his back and staring straight into the blue sky. “Heaven?” he wondered. No. It was not to be.
Rojas kneeled next to his prone form, shaking him awake. “Damn, Damon, we thought you were dead!” Baird shook himself off and sat up, turning to Rojas. “Apparently not.” He grunted.
As his vision cleared, Baird scanned his surroundings. There were five others here, besides Rojas.
Augustus Cole was among them. The other four were privates clad in full Gear Body Armor.
Baird was glad Cole had survived. The two had befriended each other in the Academy and had both been assigned to Alpha Squad, strengthening their friendship. Rojas’ survival was fortunate as well. He was one of Alpha Squad’s most accurate shooters, a skill the others respected.
As Baird sat up, any relief he had found went down the drain as he fixed his eyes on two dead bodies, both Alpha Squad. Private Turquoise and Ebauer. Two friends lost already, and even worse, Ebauer was Alpha Squad’s acting officer. Baird swore and shook his head.
‘We’ll have time to mourn our dead later.” Baird said through gritted teeth. “With Ebauer dead, I’m taking command. Understood?” The others nodded.
Cole had pulled the Cog Tags off Turquoise and Ebauer and had tucked them into his belt satchel. Baird nodded in approval. “Family will want ‘em. Nuthin’ else we can do for them.” He said in his normal bass tone. His voice was slightly trembling.
In the distance, strange growls could be heard. Strange but familiar, coming from the West. Locust.
“Damn, they know were here!” Rojas cursed. The other Gears tensed and readied their Lancers.
“Forget about fighting. We have to get out of here.” Baird barked with authority, which the others recognized as a direct order.
“What about back-up?” said one of the Masked Gears, “We can hold these guys off until they get here!” Baird shook his head. “Backup is not an option. Its run or die. There won’t be another chance to run. We stay here, we die.” Baird said.
Before anyone could object, the ground began to shake violently. Someone yelled “What the hell?!”, but his voice was swallowed up by the enormous rumble that followed. Before Alpha Team’s eyes, the ground behind the downed and shattered King Raven crumbled inwards, leaving a huge, deep hole in the road. Baird’s heart throbbed and beat faster than he ever remembered. “Emergence Hole! Run!” he yelled, as he and the survivors of Alpha Squad dashed frantically down the road. Behind them, the roars and screams of Locust tore through the air.

Chapter 2 – The First Stand

Cole stumbled but kept pace with the others as Baird led the surviving members of Alpha Squad onward at a furious pace. Behind them, Locust were emerging from the huge hole in the ground that had appeared only moments before. Their screams and growls of the terrible creatures had sunk deep into Cole’s heart when he was a kid, haunting his dreams all his life. The fear he had felt so long ago hadn’t resurfaced in a long time, not in the academy, not on the King Raven, not even when death seemed certain only minutes ago. But something about the terrible sounds screeching behind him as he ran for his life provoked that same fear to rear its ugly head, and that made Cole truly doubtful of his abilities.
Baird had torn into a city square with a large, wrecked, dry fountain in the center.
“Get in there!” yelled Baird, pointing at the fountain. “It’ll provide cover! Get in there now!”
Cole was in no position to argue and he picked up speed as fast as he could and rolled over the fountain railing into and landed in a crouch. The other Gears followed, Rojas bringing up the rear, blindly firing short bursts from his Lancer behind him.
Baird had already taken aim and his Lancer was erupting with automatic fire that flowed into the oncoming Locust Horde like a small wave. Cole hadn’t had the time to register just how many Locust the squad was up against, but he saw about fifteen or twenty at the least. Gritting his teeth, Cole searched around on his belt and his hand met with a Fragmentation Grenade, which he unstrung and began to swing like a bola. After it had picked up enough momentum, he released it into the air. The grenade landed about fifteen meters away, right under the boot of a Locust Drone, who grunted in confusion as the grenade began to beep. The beep picked up, and was followed by an explosion, that blew through the ugly brute in a bloody mess. Another Drone beside him staggered with surprise, and was met with plenty of Lancer fire to the face from one of the Masked Gears. Cole sneaked a peek at the Baird and Rojas’ progress and found them spraying lead into a trio of drone’s that had circled around and were hitting them from the right flank. Cole smashed himself against the railing next to another masked Gear who was firing blindly over his head. The soldier stood for a second. “I’ve got a shot! He’s dead! He’s de—!” the soldier was cut off, as Hammerburst fire hit him in the chest, sending his blood over the pavement.
“Get down, damnit! Get down!!” Cole bellowed at the soldier, but it was too late. Another few rounds of Hammerburst fire smashed into the soldier’s helmet, punching clear through the skull and sending life fluid in a large burst out the back of the soldier’s head. The soldier fell instantly and was still.
“Man down! Man down!” yelled Cole, but the others didn’t hear him. The noise of the battle swallowed Cole’s voice, and the soldier died without anyone knowing.
“God damn, you ugly bastards are gonna pay for that!!” he yelled at the Locust horde as he unloaded a full magazine from his lancer into the heap and crouched back down, reloading with trembling hands.
It was then that he noticed Baird yelling something to himself. It took a minute, but Cole could make it out. “The resonator!” Baird yelled with irritation. “We forgot the damn resonator!”
Before anyone could react, Baird leaped over the railing and sprinted back towards the downed King Raven, with just under six Locusts blocking his way. “He’s gonna get himself killed!” yelled Rojas. “Give him covering fire!” The Gears obliged and continued to pepper the Locust with fresh Lancer fire, causing them to dart for cover. Two drones fell on the way, and another one was hacked in two by Baird, who had swooped up behind them. When the chunks of Locust fell to the ground, Baird continued to run, with Hammerburst fire hot on his heels. One Locust poked its head out too far, and Rojas took advantage of that, unsaddling his Snub Pistol and getting a headshot. Cole ducked back behind cover for a minute, catching his breath, which came in deep huffs. As the checked his rifle, Baird leaped over the railing and crumpled into a prone position, groaning. Cole crawled over quickly and examined him. On his back, Baird had a large machine saddled, and his arm was bleeding a bit. “Damn Drone nicked me.” He said with hate. He looked at Cole. “How the hell did we forget something as important as the Resonator?” he asked with a groan. Cole shook his head. “Don’t look at me, baby! I don’t give a damn about them complex things!” Cole chuckled. Just then, the gunfire stopped, and Rojas came down to meet the other two. “Enemies neutralized. There’ll all dead, but more are on the way. We have to move, now.” Rojas winced as he saw Baird’s injured arm. Baird noticed, and clapped Rojas on the shoulder. “I’m in no shape to lead the squad, right now. Until my damn arm heals, I can’t issue silent hand-signal orders while holding a weapon. That could be fatal. Rojas, take control until I’m as good as gold, got it?” Rojas nodded.
Cole stood up and looked around. The other three surviving Gears were shocked to the state of silence. A brush with death can do that to a soldier. Cole was lucky he had been in a life-death situation more than once. Cole reloaded his gun and stood prepared to keep moving.

The pain was noticeable, but bearable. Baird had been through worse, but he didn’t regret giving Rojas temporary leadership. It would help the squad.
As Baird slowly got on his feet, he saw Rojas crouching next to a dead Cog Soldier. The soldier’s helmet had been penetrated, and a bloody hole in his forehead told how he died. Baird sighed with increasing frustration and anger. He got down and pulled the soldier’s Cog tags off and then read the name.
Alpha Squad, Unit 5, Private Douglas. Another man lost, bringing the death total to three. Three in less than ten minutes was considered a heavy loss for any Gear’s Squad. It was taking a heavy toll on Baird emotionally. He didn’t know how much longer he could take this. Soldier he was, though, and for the sake of his friends and comrades, he would have to pull through.
“Let’s keep moving.” Rojas said to the others, leading them out of the Square. Baird followed with the others, still wondering how much death he would behold before this nightmare was over.

Chapter 3 – Standoff

Baird grunted and slumped against a pile of stone as he gripped his wounded arm tightly. The Hammerburst fire had nicked him, but hadn’t caused any serious damage, but the pain was still pretty fierce. He took his hand off his wound, and it came away wet with blood. Spotting Baird’s condition, Rojas stopped the squad as Cole walked over to check on him, the big resonator strapped over his back.
“It start bleeding again?” Cole asked. Baird nodded, showing him his wet glove. Cole went into his belt satchel for a minute, then produced a small towel of cloth, which he tore in two. He handed Baird one piece and stuffed the other back in his satchel. “Use that.” He said. Baird thanked him and took the cloth, wrapping it around his wound tightly as Cole helped him to his feet.
Rojas was back on his communicator, trying to contact Control. After a few tries, he shook his head and swore. “These damn Radio’s don’t work for ****.” He growled.
One Masked Gear, a cocky private named Hatch, began to get restless. “So what, we’re stuck out here with no back-up?!” Baird shook his head. “When we were in the sky, Delta Squad’s Raven saw us go down. They know we’re stranded here, and they’ll send soldiers to get us out of this.” He said. Rojas and Cole nodded with agreement. Hatch wasn’t reassured. “So what, we have to hold out until they find us?” he moaned. “We’ll be damn lucky if we aren’t all Corpser feed by then!” Rojas grabbed Hatch by the rim of his helmet and stared straight into his invisible eyes. “You will stay confident, soldier, and you will give this fight your best. If you don’t we’re leaving you behind.” Rojas said. He then thrust Hatch backward and walked over to Baird and Cole. Hatch moaned with irritation again.
“How’s you’re ammo situation?” Rojas asked. Baird checked his. He frowned as he found his Lancer almost empty, with only one spare Magazine tucked into his belt. His Snub pistol only had a few more bullets left in it as well. “Looks like we exhausted almost everything earlier.” He said. Cole cursed as he checked his own guns. “Almost empty,” he said sadly.
Hatch and the other two Soldiers had the same problem. Alpha Squad was in bad shape, and probably wouldn’t last long against any more than Eight to Ten Locusts.
“We need to keep moving.” Rojas said. “Locust will be swarming this position in a matter of minutes, and we need to be far away when that happens.” He loaded his Lancer and began jogging down the crumbled city street, Alpha Squad at his heels.

They had been running for five minutes when they arrived in a Square. At the far end of it, a long building stood, one of the various Town Bazaars. It was far too quiet, and nothing appeared to move.
Rojas clapped one of the other Gears on the shoulder. “Take that Sniper Rifle of yours and check out the square from this position.” The soldier nodded and unsaddled his Longshot, which he aimed and scanned the area with. For a minute, the solider silently analyzed the building through the Longshot Scope, then put it on his back and redrew his Lancer. “Nothing.” He muttered. “No Locust, nothing.”
“Its still too quiet,” said Cole, “I bet you them Locust are waiting for us in there, we just can’t see ‘em.”
“That may be true.” Rojas said, surveying the building through narrow eyes. “Here’s the plan,” he announced after a minute or two of thinking. “Baird, Cole, and Hatch will scout ahead. Us three will stay here and provide support if needed. You spot anything; you retreat to our position, if able.”
Baird nodded, as did the other two. Cole and Hatch both vaulted over their cover and Baird followed.
After hitting the pavement, the trio hustled up the square, drawing nearer to the building with every step and heavy breath. They reached a small fountain, which was surrounded by possible cover options. The three took positions behind one downed column of stone, stopping to catch their breath.
Baird peeked over the cover; Still no Locust. This unnerved him. His arm throbbed with a surge of pain, causing him to grit his teeth but keep his arm steady. Cole signaled to the distant Rojas that they would be moving in then scooted around the column with Hatch in tow. Baird checked his Lancer and followed quickly. There were four doors into the long building, each closed shut. Cole went up and cautiously kicked the door. It didn’t budge. He tried again, this time with more force. The door stayed closed shut, and Cole stomped the ground in frustration. “This baby’s jammed like hell.” He said gruffly.
Hatch tried his hand at it, resulting in a numb shoulder, and then Baird, who tried to hack it open with his Chainsaw bayonet, to no avail. “Damnit to hell! We can’t keep going like this!” groaned Hatch, who was losing his patience. “I’m gonna go tell the others.” He said as he began to walk back.
Hatch was careless, and would never know exactly what happened when a faint ‘CRACK’ rang through the sky and his head exploded in a bloody mess. “Sniper! Get you’re head down!” Baird yelled at the top of his lungs as he rolled behind some cover, Cole right behind him. Only moments after Cole ducked next to him, Baird spotted Locust Drones spilling out of the four previously closed doors. “Bastards were waiting inside for us!” Cole said as he tried to take them down with Blind-Fire from his Lancer.
Baird still couldn’t see the Sniper, but he knew Rojas had seen what had just occurred and was already on it. Another ‘CRACK’ echoed through the Square as the Sniper shot down at Baird’s position. The long bullet lodged itself in the pavement only inches from Baird’s muddy boot. “Hurry up, damnit.” Baird whispered. Rojas still hadn’t gotten off a shot yet. Until then, they would have to hold off the Drones. Baird peeked around the cover and counted six of them. Two were advancing to Rojas’ position, while the other four had stayed behind at the doors, keeping their Hammerbursts trained on Baird’s Cover. He slipped behind the cover again just in time before some Locust fire nicked some stone off of its side.
Another sniper shot was heard, this time from Rojas, and the fleshy sound of a headshot signaled a direct hit. Cole was reloading his Lancer but jammed it. Cole swore, and dropped his Rifle to the ground, swinging out a Frag Grenade, which he tossed overhead. It landed a meter away from a drone, but the radius of the explosion connected with the Drone’s leg, blowing it off and sending the ugly grunt to the ground clutching its leg. Baird took advantage of it and put a well-placed Pistol bullet to its forehead making the downed creature go still. The Drone that was paired with the fallen one stumbled for cover, only to be brought down by a raging Cole’s Lancer fire, which he had just fixed.
Baird could see Rojas making his way up the square with the two other Gears at his back. The two Locust that had gone after them lay dead behind them.
Two Locusts were left, and one was a grenadier packing serious heat in the form of a Shotgun and a few Frag Grenades. It heaved one grenade at Rojas’ party. The grenade blew up a few meters in front of them, halting their advance as they darted for cover. The Drone it was with had picked up the Lancer from Hatch’s headless corpse, and was pinning Baird down with its fire.
“That ugly idiot’s goin’ down, baby!” Cole laughed as he unleashed a shower of Lancer rounds at the grenadier. The stockier beast took the bullets in the chest unflinchingly as it advanced towards Cole’s position slowly; shotgun blowing shot after shot at him and taking chunks out of the pillar Cole was ducked behind. Baird lunged for the Grenadier with his Chainsaw Bayonet revving like mad. The Grenadier turned and thrust a huge arm at Baird’s skull. The impact would’ve killed Baird instantly, or caused major Brain damage had it actually connected, but Baird was quick on his feet, ducking below the melee blow and bringing the Chainsaw into the Grenadiers thick torso, sending gore everywhere. Baird had to close his eyes to avoid getting blinded by the blood that was splashing his face. When the ringing in his ears stopped, he opened his eyes to see Cole dashing up to the Locust with the Lancer. The Locust tried to ready its own chainsaw, but it had no such success as Baird did. Cole hammered the Lancer to the side with the butt of his gun and the clumsy Drone’s skull was bashed in with Cole’s big boot.

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