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02-03-2007, 11:16 PM
“Weekend Warriors Tourney”

So here it is I decided to make a tournament for the people who are like me (full time student/part time worker) or pretty much can play only on the weekends. But of course this is not limited to those people but it makes it a whole lot easier to play in this tournament, because these games will only be held on Sat. (thus hence the name “Weekend Warriors Tourney”) at 7p.m. central time. Also it may not be a good idea to sign up for the tournament if you’re from another country because of the time difference. There is no prize, your just playing for your pride!

· Competition Rules: - First to win 3 maps takes the Contest match
· Game type: Warzone
· Maps: Gridlock, Mansion, Canals, Old Bones, and Fuel Depot
· Starting Weapons: Default
· Weapons on map: Default
· Time limit: 5 minutes
· Number of rounds: First to 5
· Bleed out time: 20 Seconds
· Friendly Fire: Yes
· Note: Each member of your team must be a different player model
COG: Fenix, Dom, Kim, Carmine, Cole, and Hoffman
Locust: RAAM, Sentinal Guard, Theron Guard, Drone, Sniper, Greandier

*Cheating* will not be tolerated. No rodeo glitching if you are caught glitching your whole team will be disqualified.

*Teams* there will be 16 teams each team will consist of 6 players 2 who are subs incase the others cannot make it for some reason. When you submit your team, please send it to my e-mail (romeo852003@yahoo.com) or post here on this forum saying ”GOW Teams” you must state a Team name, Team leader, Co-Leader and Gamer tag of each player.

*Matches* I will randomly put teams against each other and it’s the team leaders job to get the gamer tag of the other team leader to get the match started. The team names and all gamer tags will be displayed on this forum one week before the tournament will start so that it makes it easier to find there gamer tags so that the game can easily start with just a friend invite. There will be a 15 min window meaning the team has until 7:15 pm to be at the match. If the other team can’t be found it is the team leaders job to immediately inform me on their DQ. I will randomly assign the first stage for every match just so we can play all the maps at random. Also the team that wins the match picks the next stage. All matches will be played in “live player matches” or a “private player match room” not “Ranked player matches” so it just like football practice all week and play on Sat.

*How To Keep Score* I hope every one has a digital camera or one on there phone! Because this is the way I will see who has won the match. After every match please take a picture of the score! After every match because I will post up how some of your matches went for example: 3-1 or 2-3. Only the team leader winner will send me the pictures of the matches to my e-mail. Also send it saying the # of kills for each winning player because I will put up the top ten player of the week and when it’s over will have an MPV.

*Disconnections* if a player losses his or her connection they are allowed to rejoin only once. Because of the press B screen disrupting the game play. And if there Internet connection goes down then one of the subs can take his place. Also you may change or rotate players after each match.

*Begins* first day of tourney will be held on feb.17, 2007 at 7 pm central. So that’s 16 days to get a team together.

If you have any questions just ask. And good luck to all!!!!!!!! :)

I have posted this on a nother GOW fourm site about 3 days ago and here are some of the teeams that have already joined.

Team v3

Leader: v3 alexX
Little WooWoooo


Captin: Romeo852003
Co Captin: Looking for one.
Elmuerte grande

xNGx (Next Generation)

xNGx MidniTe,




Sniper 611

02-04-2007, 11:12 AM
thats all we need to kick off this tourney. which is 11 more teams