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11-30-2006, 05:47 PM
I was watching the limited collector's edition dvd and watching Behind Gears Of War or the making of and when talking about either gameplay or multiplayer they said they originally had more ideas that had to be scrapped because not everybody liked it, while the guy said this they showed footage of a tv...on the tv was what looked like a good map only pure white, so it must;ve been a test map, but that's not my point. There were also characters: in color, one jumped a wall that another guy was standing behind and i think he tried to chainsaw him but the guy that didn't jump over used his shotgun to bat away the other guys lancer and they continued to push and pull at eachothers guns for an extremely short period of time and then finally the guy that didn't jump over pushed the guy back and whacked him across the face. I thought "O SH*T" That seemed like a great idea to me as I was looking for a better method to counter the lancer chainsaw when out of ammo. This seems almost like the new COD3 feature and I hope it gets into GOW2, what do you think about this...BTW i reallize it sounds like it took long but it was only a couple seconds.

11-30-2006, 05:52 PM
That was from the early testing and yes, it would be so awesome.

Guy chainsaws you but you have like 3 seconds to hammer A to stop it digging into you, or like Resi 4 its a quick timing event, hit the buttons that flash onscreen to dodge it. Neither player dies and its so sweet.