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04-26-2005, 07:16 PM
Hello I'm BruteForce, and I represent XForce's FPS Squad. At the request of our FPS Squad Leader and his subordinate, I'm posting this challenge here at the Epic Boards. XForce negotiates a CTF tournament where both clans will play a best out of (5) five rounds tournament, with four players per clan. Details include XForce choosing (1) one map. Followed by your clans choice of (1) one map. This process is repeated twice for a total of (4) rounds. In the event of a tie after (4) four rounds, both clans will decide on the last map.

Please provide XForce with the following information. If you like we handle negotiations at our website forum found at XForce Clan.net
Your Clans NameThe persons GamerTag from your clan that all arrangements to play this game can be negotiated with.The Name of the Game and the game type your clan is challenging XForce to play.The number of players your clan will be sending to XBL to play this game against XForce.Gamer tags of all members who are playing for your clan.The date and time you would like to play this game, please make all times Eastern.Any specific rules you would like to negotiate.

Honor Code:
No cheating.
No glitching.
No cursiveness or lewdness.
No threats or intimidation.
No walk ons. All combatants must be registered members of the clan they represent.
Trading of players throught the match is prohibited, unless gamertags of alternates are provided prior to the match.

When we receive all the data listed above I will confirm that we have accepted your challenge and that it is being negotiated. He will discuss the rules for that game with your contact person and afterward the game is official. In your challenge please feel free to include any other information you would like to add to facilitate the process. Thanks for reading, BruteForce out...

04-27-2005, 01:47 AM
i wud like to partcipate in this... however we are not on xbox 365 and u are not on gamebattles.com.... while it is no prob for to register on gamebattles. it is way harder for us 2 regi on 365 being that want to solicit for a team spot, wut can work out?

04-27-2005, 03:54 AM
Hey Kr3wciAL how's it going man? I kind of half expected you to be the first to reply to this topic...hehehe. You might not remember me, and I'm not totally sure either, but weren't you and a few other DBZ members registered at XBox 365 back in 2003? Anyway to answer your question it's true that XForce was formed at XBox 365.com , however we now have our own forum at XForce Clan.net

Why don't you come by and register yourself and post your challenge. From there we could make all arrangements to play a match. You could even tell us a little bit more about Game Battles, after which XForce will consider participating. Kr3wciAL remember that XForce does not play in any professional tournaments or ladders. This is just a friendly old fashion challenge between clans for some bragging rights.

05-02-2005, 11:44 AM