View Full Version : No servers showing, but favorites are?

03-20-2004, 04:11 PM
Here's what I "do" know...

During the demo the game ran great... ^_^

Upon buying and installing the full game, the game ran so choppy and slow in multiplayer and off it was rather... purturbing, so I surfed through these forums and found this link...


I followed most of the persons instructions and am happy to say that the game runs smoothly now with no probs at all....

Except that now when I try to do a search for servers, it comes back with "0 servers". Oddly enough though, I do have one on my favorites that does show up and I can connect to.

Not being a networking genious, I would love to have any help or input on the situation if any of you are willing to help. :) I'm not sure if the "tweaking" is related to my current problems or if it's 1 of many glitches that seem to be popping up with this game and I'm another "unlucky soul" =\

Thanks ahead of time!