View Full Version : what comes first: replication or PostBeginPlay?

09-02-2003, 05:28 AM
OK, two questions really:

1. Is there any way to test compatibility with a listen server without a 2nd computer? I tried to start a second copy of UT2003 but it just focused the first copy

2. Will the code in the this map (http://www.inio.org/~inio/DM-StupidSkyboxTricks.zip) (specifically the ScaledMovementSkyZone class) work with a listen server? I'm worried that the adjusted location will be replicated before PostBeginPlay. I guess I could add a bool bOrigLocSet and only set the original location if that's false (and replicate that too), but is that necessary? (yeah, I realize the replication of the original location is pointless without that - just ignore it)

I guess my real question is: When talking to a listen server, what comes first when connecting to a game: bNetInitial replication or PostBeginPlay?

legacy-Mr Evil
09-02-2003, 08:39 AM
PostBeginPlay is called before replication. PostNetBeginPlay is called after replication on the client. On the server, PostNetBeginPlay is called immediately after PostBeginPlay.