View Full Version : Oh snap. Replication woes.

08-01-2003, 01:48 AM
Well, I'm only moments away from having a fully operational Karma-based tow cable. It's so close I can smell it. It smells like strawberries.

Anyway. I find that none of the variables I'm trying to replicate are, you know, replicating. This is what my statement looks like:

reliable if(ROLE==ROLE_Authority)
reliable if(ROLE==ROLE_Authority&&bHook)
victim, victimbone, bJerk;
reliable if(ROLE==ROLE_Authority&&bJerk)
jerkVictim, jerkInst;

So, we always check if we hooked or not. If we hook, send what we hooked to, and if we have to jerk it (uhhuhuh; you said jerk it) in any direction to keep it within tow cable distance. Finally, if we do have to jerk, send the vectors for the impulses.

Logging shows, however that none of this gets to the client at all, not even the first bHook.

I only change these variables server side:

So the question: is it my replication statement, where I change the variables, or some deeper, more sinister problem involving the sunken city of R'lyeh?

Thanks in advance,