View Full Version : New Mod, looking for a team up to for a challenge.

01-20-2003, 03:34 PM
Ok, well, first off it isn't any more challenging than any other total conversion mod, but it should be a new idea to the UT2K3 community, or i just haven't seen it around.
I'm looking to get a team together to make a Black Hawk Down mod for UT2K3. The mod idea basically speaks for itself. We're going to need new weapons and and characters as well as new maps.
I'm looking for anyone who can MOD for UT2K3: coders, modelers, mappers and all the rest. I haven't seen a Black Hawk Down mod out there, so i'm hoping this idea is still fresh. Email me at benpar8@attbi.com or IM me at GENX423 or just reply to the thread. A website should be up soon. Thanks