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  1. I'm looking into getting into competitive. Any invites? Gamebattles.
  2. Looking for more ppl to run ranked with!
  3. FraggedNation Forces of Nature DLC Event - March 24th-March 25th!
  4. Spoiler Flaming Retro Announced!
  5. Bring Back Alpha
  6. How can i play on GB? help
  7. Looking to join elite clan or team up with great players.
  8. Looking for ranked players
  9. 4v4 Tournament "CrReam Of The Crop" PRIZES!
  10. WGL S3 Invite - UK based Gears League
  11. FYC Gears 3 Tournament Sponsored by Console Warzone Bracket is here! Discuss.
  12. how do you behave on gamebattles?
  13. FYC 4v4 Tournament Results
  14. MLG Taking up Gears 3?
  15. Need some advice
  16. Forces of nature team ranked TDM sign ups
  17. We don't need MLG suggestion. Feedback Please.
  18. Looking for decent GUARDIAN players...
  19. Looking for decent players
  20. Competitive Gears
  21. Gb- EU double Partner Needed
  22. ALCPRO goldy and fallout live stream, awesome watch. good comp going on
  23. NEED: 1 Player (Add: x Hibernation)
  24. Looking for people to play with :)
  25. Ranked TDM Players.
  26. Gowforum.net
  27. Scuf controller, what should the paddles be mapped to?
  28. British players
  29. Looking for Ranked Team
  30. Video BeyondGaming Cream Of The Crop Tournament Round 1: Drydock KOTH 210-0
  31. Is it me or the Gnasher got buff?
  32. DLC Maps for MLG??
  33. Looking for team players
  34. Looking to get on a team
  35. Needs people to play with
  36. Looking for 2 more ranked TDM/guardian
  37. Need more Gears friends GT: Raevz
  38. looking for good players to play with
  39. Looking for multiplayer team/cross fire/ mic!!!!
  40. Need Gears 3 Players
  41. Anyone Does Gamebattles?
  42. Looking for Gears of War 3 players for a Quick Match team!
  43. American/Canadian Players
  44. Darkclan recruiting
  45. British gow players
  46. All dlc horde players!!!
  47. UGC Niagara | 4v4 Gears of War | May 5-6
  48. Whats your sensitivity?
  49. Looking for American/Canadian Horde, KOTH, Guardian Players...
  50. Looking for East Coast players
  51. 2v2 Scrims!
  52. looking for GOOD west coast gears players!
  53. Using the correct forum
  54. 1v1 Snipe Tournament
  55. British player
  56. Needing help
  57. Flippers360 miami tournament!
  58. looking for people who actually play gears 3
  59. GOW.SE King of the Spring tournament
  60. Looking For Players That Are Team-Based. Spots Will Be Filling Fast.
  61. Recuiting Players For "Ranked Guardian ONLY"
  62. Looking for team mates
  63. Why does players worry about K/D?
  64. Looking for scrims!
  65. Play N Trade 2v2 Gears of War 3 Tournament
  66. I need some strat help.
  67. Accepting Friendly 1v1s on Gears of war 3
  68. Looking For Ranked Players.
  69. Do you jump for joy if you kill the last enemy?
  70. If you like competitive gears..
  71. Hosting 2v2 tournament
  72. Anyone Willing to Try & Get the Guardian 10 Kills Achievement?
  73. Looking for people to play with!
  74. 1v1 tourniment read for details
  75. Check out this guy
  76. COG Vengeance: Teams, Discussion, and Predictions Thread
  77. Need players for an INSANE Horde tonight
  78. GameKillz.com - Competitive Ladder & Tournament site
  79. Looking for more Gears friends. GT:Terp023
  80. need more clan/teammates
  82. True-Skill does not = EXP POINTS
  83. Team?
  84. Looking for team mates
  85. Raleigh NC Area?
  86. GOW.SE $7000 Tournament
  87. Tryhard Execution Team
  88. Recruiting Pro/Potential Pro Players
  89. twitch.tv/damonsbaird
  90. Drydock.
  91. Insane horde
  92. got a full lobby open
  93. beast players for top 1000
  94. Looking for execution players
  95. execution/warzone/guardian
  96. West Coast Gears of War 3 Charity Event Tournament
  97. EPIC and MLG?
  98. Beginning Players
  99. GT: i play as tai
  100. SnubbbS Competitive Montage v2
  101. Ladders in Europe
  102. 2v2 Tournament for Squid Grips and 1600 microsoft points (4 teams needed within hour)
  103. Free online 4v4 tournament May 28 with prizes
  104. Looking for CTL and KotH players
  105. A question for members in clans (that are actually good)
  106. Looking for Ranked Alpha or Execution players.
  107. Team Player looking...
  108. Looking for two to three teammates.
  109. Omni On or Off?
  110. Competitive game with only 2 control schemes? AKA bumper jumper, GoW style
  111. Looking for people to play with ranked with (TDM or Alpha)
  112. Looking For A Couple People
  113. ACL Gears of War 3 Online Round 3 - Australian Tournament
  114. Good Players?
  115. Looking for a team or peeps to party up with!!!
  116. Looking for more...
  117. Looking for good teammates 3 of them gt:a squeaky puma
  118. I dont want to see
  119. Missing out or have the need to compete? We have your solution!
  120. I am looking for Gears of War 3 friends.
  121. Starting a new Gears of War 3 + future Gears titles clan - Read more info.
  122. Tourney started 30 minutes ago!!
  123. EBA Clan looking for good gow players
  124. 3v3 or 4v4
  125. Gnasher guardian? Add me Aerify
  126. Looking for a 3v3
  127. Need Gears friends
  128. The Underdogs Tournamen
  129. Brothers Till The Win Tournament for Steel Series headsets 4v4
  130. Trying to find some more Ranked Exe players
  131. GOW3 LAN EVENT - August 4th-5th !
  132. Clan Recruiting For Warzone and Guardian!!!
  133. Recruiting for a Ranked Team Deathmatch/Execution Team
  134. Ranked Exe
  135. Pubstars?
  136. Looking for a fourth for gamebattles.
  137. Need players
  138. Ch4otic Gaming Looking For You!!
  139. Team aF Recruiting
  140. JULY 21, Gears Of War3, NJ - KOTC
  141. Looking for quality players for Ranked Team Deathmatch
  142. Could use some more Gears friends
  143. Can't login on gamebattles help!!!
  144. Looking for teammates to play ranked/quick match NO DLC
  145. gears 3 competitive clan battles
  146. Mediocre at multiplayer after years :/ Got any tips, gears?
  147. new clan/team needing some dedicated gamers
  148. Question about 1v1.
  149. Video My first Episode! Are you Randy Baby?
  150. Looking for people to play some Gears with
  151. Video Team Arctic Is Recruiting!!
  152. chill/competitive players
  153. 1v1/ scrims/ giveaways checkout
  154. Recruting for ZeNoPULSE
  155. GoW3 1v1 tournament finals LIVE now!
  156. Sorry for the noob post / question
  157. Gears 3 Community Game Night - Australia + New Zealand Players Only
  158. If you play Ranked King of The Hill, look here~
  159. Looking for a Private Match with ALL GNASHERS or 1 v 1 duels
  160. shotty/snipe tournament.
  161. Pro players?
  162. Looking for people to party up with.
  163. GameOn Gears 3 tournament %40 payout Aug 12th
  164. LIVE NOW - 1v1 GOW 3 Shotgun Tournament for 3200 microsoft points - 2 Commentators
  165. anyone who plays ranked tdm or koth;
  166. Team Forever Alone is recruiting.
  167. 4v4 Finest European teams (European Gaming Leugue Rules)
  168. looking for COMPETITIVE players/teams/clans
  169. Need Gears Friends
  170. Need more for ranked TDM team
  171. ESGN Team Recuitment
  172. Video Online Tourney--W.A.R. Aug. 25
  173. Horde or Ranked TDM anyone?
  174. BeyondGaming 3.0 Beta
  175. Looking to be recruited to a competitive team
  176. Looking for good people to play TDM with
  177. Anyone up for 1v1, 2v2 ?
  178. fastest way to onyx horder
  179. Looking for people to play with
  180. Looking for 1 Good Player
  181. Gears 3 montage
  182. Need good players for Ranked TDM
  183. I need ranked players
  184. Need Additional Players for Ranked TDM
  185. nobody in gears of war 3 can beat me.
  186. Add me for Privates matches!(GT: iSkips)
  187. Looking for Gears Friends! GT; iSkips
  188. Florida Gear Heads!
  189. i'm just done i need Gears friends
  190. www.razexgaming.webs.com please read
  191. competitive gaming websites for your team/clan to join
  192. It's all about private matches! WOOO!!
  193. Looking for players
  194. Insane Horde
  195. Looking for four teams to compete in qualifiers for my tourney!
  196. I need to find players that can help me get better,
  197. Looking for mature GoW players from Europe
  198. WGL GoW3 Competitive League Season 5 Promo
  199. looking for experienced and skilled gears players
  200. Need Gears 2 Friends
  201. Time to jump into Gears with EGU
  202. GoW 3 GB TL need 2
  203. GowForum Competitive top 5 plays
  204. How to get into GB
  205. I need gears of war 3 friends
  206. Gears of War 3 League Play is ready to roll
  207. EGL Online : Gears of War 3 Arena Launch
  208. Competitive Gaming Community
  209. Big bang gow event!!
  210. Adversity Gaming New Zealand Wellington LAN
  211. GoWAUSNZ Community Comp #2
  212. quick fix
  213. gb singles against rank 2
  214. Gears Game Nights
  215. KOTH players needed.
  216. What controller do you play on?
  217. Team Play... T.E.A.M. !!1!11!!!!!!!
  218. Egl9 blackpool - gow judgement lan
  219. UnderGround Gaming Ladder
  220. GOWHub: For Competitive GOW Players
  221. I Need GB Game play
  222. 1 more hypefestation GOW COMMUNITY PAY ATTENTION
  223. Good Uk gamer looks for team/clan for casual and competitive play
  224. Looking for decent players to play with
  225. Anyone wanna play?
  226. S41nTxJuStICE is back!!
  227. Back From The Dead
  228. Competitive players needed
  229. Looking to hop into Competitive Gears
  230. New team looking for teams to battle
  231. Top USA Teams ?
  232. Looking for GOW 3/Judgment Squad to game with
  233. Looking for Gears teammates!
  234. New fun, friendly Competitive gaming league!
  235. anybody around?
  236. Video Quick and funny trippelsnipe
  239. Looking for players to play Gears 3 with? (Both for Fun and Competitive players)
  240. Event changes for some?
  241. Watch match Against the Number One Team on GB
  242. RANKED Squad
  243. Free Agent Looking for a Comp Gears/Jears Squad
  244. 4v4 tourny gow 3
  245. Free agent looking for clan Gow3/GowJ
  246. CRT Hosted Approved and recommended Tournaments and Leagues
  247. Looking to join a clan
  248. [AUS/NZ] The "Revival" GoW3 $1200 Tournament | August 17/18
  249. OxK Recruiting
  250. looking for gow3 scrimms