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  1. Dear EPIC.My level reset
  2. Definite Modder, Who do i report to?
  3. Urgent Problem
  4. arcade glitch with points turned out bad i need some help
  5. I was part of the horde while playing horde?
  6. My games freezes at the title screeen??
  7. weapon swap bug
  8. Video the Gears of war3 online-matching condition of Asia(Taiwan)
  9. Hammerburst Bug
  10. Any fixes?
  11. Gears 3 froze while playing Horde online
  12. horde 2.0 bug
  13. never get my preferred character
  14. Active Reload... Epic what were you thinking?
  15. Don't have my beta items.
  16. Friends problem with Campaign, Collectibles, and Achievements resetting.
  17. Mantle kick glitch on old town
  18. Grenade is thrown but moving places it back in my hand
  19. Spoiler my stats,ribbons,medals,skin and collectibles reset
  20. Boomshot screams into the distance, yet some how, I managed to kill myself with it?
  21. My rank reset / I lose medals and characters HELP ME PLEASE!
  22. Dissapearing achievments
  23. campaign medals disapearing + more + solution
  24. Where did the kills go.. - Kills not being added to stats.
  25. EPIC I need your help. Game reset!
  26. what is the number that i call for beta unlocks problem
  27. My rank, titles, and ribbons all disappeared but my xbox profile says I have them
  28. How to have Nat Type: Open?
  29. Level/Stat Reset 93 --> 1
  30. Didn't the sawed-off get nerfed?
  31. All my collectibles disappeared, Help
  32. Wants to play offline but...
  33. Breaking cover?
  34. Game keeps corrupting my profile?
  35. Auto-reload
  36. Rank Reset, >>I HAVENT PLAYED ONLINE YET<<
  37. Epic, I found a new Bug/Glitch
  38. Glitches of War 3
  39. Lag is the reason people are complaining about guns!!!
  40. Preferred character
  41. Emblem/title and checked progress resets
  42. Will there ever be a solution...
  43. Dear EPIC,My RANK reset,medals all.
  44. HORDE 2.0 Screen goes white after every execution
  45. Host migration on a public horde match issue
  46. Face punch execution audio problem
  47. constant disconnections from games
  48. Pittbull ninja reset glitch
  49. Beast mode glitch
  50. my gears download data
  51. Sudden lag? NEED HELP
  52. Double chainsaw = two deaths?
  53. Campaign data lost. Please help me!
  54. Grenade from team mate killed me
  55. Epic, can we get a "Working On" thread?
  56. evading mantle kicks
  57. Gold Weapons Never unlocked from forst week of play
  58. Dear Epic please respond my account got reset.
  59. profile issue
  60. Please help epic games i didnt get my cole train and gold retro lancer please fix!?
  61. dlc problems
  62. Hammerburst Issue
  63. All of my Gears of War 3 Downloaded Content Not Showing Up in Game
  64. Disconnecting, disconnecting, disconnecting...
  65. Title screen freeze
  66. chrome gnasher wont unlock?
  67. Gears of War 3 Will Not Run on my Xbox 360 Slim
  68. Fortification issue
  69. Australians read
  70. Failed to authorize disc?
  71. wrong xp at end of matches
  72. gold skins and horde medal
  73. 'No Smoking' and 'Retribution' ribbons don't work
  74. Map Rotation
  75. Having serious problem to find a match to join
  76. Status on Freezing Update?
  77. Dear epic freezing at loading screen help????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!
  78. Damage Reduction Bug! (Someone Please Record)
  79. Gun Damages
  80. All my Gears 3 DLC has stopped working
  81. Boom Snipes Event Issue!!!
  82. Event Calendar Glitch ?INT?GearCalendar.BoomSnipesEvent
  83. longshot scoping bug or something
  84. Halloween ribbon already?
  85. Characters and skins problems
  86. I cannot play gears due to a error Gamer Statues Please Help
  87. Flaming skins loading up as Tiger stripe!!!??!!
  88. Trouble Redeeming Adam Fenix
  89. Domination Achievement
  90. Flaming weapons turned into 'Tiger stripe' WHY!??!?
  91. Weapn skins issues
  92. how do you get your beta stuff back after being reset
  93. 6 vs 5 KOTH + Weird points
  94. Threesome on Wingman
  95. Not Receiving BoomSnipe ribbon
  96. Epic please adjust Splitscreen - Sample Picture Inside
  97. Only 2 People Starting In Horde And Beast
  98. Retro Charge never impales
  99. Purchase Problems
  100. Commando Dom Skin Not Available Anymore!?
  101. Video Has anyone run into this glitch?
  102. Video Super Slo-Mo glitch in Horde
  103. Confused about rank games
  104. golden gear problem
  105. i got reset lol
  106. Sniper zoom & bot spawning
  107. Horde host migration
  108. Seasson Pass help?
  109. Gears 3 Update Made my Game not playable! ( Online )
  110. I was level 100. My rank and all my medals got reset HELP!
  111. Why this is happening just to me !!?
  112. NAT issue
  113. Execution Rules Tutorial Tip Glitch
  114. It's like Gears of War 2 Multiplayer all over again...
  115. DLC Not appearing in the ingame menus
  116. Arcade Points Glitched -2,000,000,000
  117. mutator not unlocked
  118. Dear Epic, I want my flaming weapons Please.
  119. Weapons stuck in aim mode
  120. Founder Ribbon Not Unlocking
  121. Disc unreadable!!!
  122. epic = Crap
  123. Ranked disconnects issues
  124. Savage Kantus Gone! WTF man
  125. Multiplayer screen zoom issue
  126. Not reciving ´´Welcome to versus´´ Achievement
  127. Wingman + after pickup glitch, weapons don't spawn
  128. New Sniper zoom issue
  129. Gears of War 1 Unlocks
  130. Black Screen of Dearth upon Death in a match [Mode: Multiplayer Bug Risk: Severe]
  131. Beta skins
  132. Paid Camos Gone.
  133. Having Trouble with Beta unlocks - Read this
  134. gears console dosn't like my street fighter 4 arcade edition
  135. Longshot Zoom in
  136. My flaming weapons have turned into tiger skins
  137. Torquebow and "Must Active Reload" Mutator dont mix
  138. Orange Exclamation Mark on the Ribbon Page
  139. I want my wings back!
  140. "Versus Sampler Platter" not unlocking
  141. Error Code: 800700E8
  142. Not getting credit for gears events
  143. Insane mode - progress not saved
  144. chrome gnaser skin bug
  145. Stats and Beta and Acheivement progress reset or loss
  146. Execution problem!
  147. Flame Skins Are Selectable But Not Useable
  148. Flaming Skin replaced by Tiger Skin, NOT A GLITCH!
  149. Dedicated Servers issues.
  150. Gnasher Inconsistent issues/weak shots
  151. COG's a little too keen to kill in Beast mode?
  152. Can anyone explain this?
  153. War Supporter Medal Glitch
  154. grenades....
  155. Wheres my cole train!?!
  156. Please Give the Players a Server Up/Down indicator
  157. Getting a new xbox, transfer question.
  158. Rank reset demonstration and other little quirks
  159. beast on trenches issue
  160. My Rank and all my in-Game Acheivements are Gone!!!!!!
  161. disconnected from xbl
  162. Meat Shield lasts too long?
  163. Campaign Progress and achievement progress lost
  164. Fix that bloody Longshot!
  165. 6 vs 5 on TDM
  166. Bonus wave problem; not enough enemies for the objective.
  167. Not Receiving War Support Medal Credit
  168. Just wondering
  169. Retro Lancer Charge
  170. Odd Ranked Matchmaking Failures
  171. warmounger onyx medal glitch
  172. Alpha why do i get a ranked diconnect everytime the host quits
  173. Longshot Issues
  174. Invincible Lambent - Act 1 : Chapter 2
  175. Random host migration?
  176. freezing account permanent fix
  177. issues with gears of war 3. please help
  178. Leader smoke grenade issue on CTL
  179. King of COG medal with negativ points
  180. How to avoid your Rank/Stats resetting.
  181. shotgun users find exploit?
  182. Video Invisible Sniper Glitch on Mercy.
  183. my rank/ stats got rest
  184. found a glitch
  185. Gears of War 2: Rank Reset. and Gears of war 3: flaming sawed-off won't work
  186. Ways of Fixing The Sawed-Off Gun
  187. Another Beta unlockables post.
  188. My Rank Rested.
  189. my rank/stats got deleted:(
  190. No shot and forced player rotation issue
  191. My Account was Deranked i lost everything
  192. Online Multiplayer "glitches"
  193. DLC won't show up on Xbox with multiple accounts.
  194. Blurry screen while down on Azura in HD
  195. Skins, characters and Horde Command Pack problem
  196. Free!?!!
  197. Italian translation issues
  198. New Horde Command Pack Glitch!
  199. Glitch with plasma skin
  200. season pass doesnt work :(
  201. I bought the Season Pass but still had to pay 800 MSP for the DLC?
  202. Only half of the season pass works
  203. CTL Sawed off glitch
  204. No DL Prompt ?? Season pass FAILS its not working epic fix this now!!imwaiting4update
  205. Is the split-screen horde glitch still dangerous?
  206. Season Pass made things worse.
  207. Cant play online
  208. Answer NOW EPICS GAMES
  209. Please help!
  210. Should you be able to fire immediatly from spawning?
  211. No Pick Up / Fortification Fix / Execution Icons
  212. Dlc issue
  213. Frame rate lag!!
  214. Command Center not showing up?
  215. Bernie doesn't count as a female
  216. DLC Season pass problem!!!
  217. Video Play Horde Maps Free?
  218. Keep getting disconnected from xbox live (GEARS 3 ONLY)
  219. dear epic games..
  220. Feedback
  221. I can't play Horde DLC
  222. Mantlekick
  223. Wheres the servers for Alpha?
  224. Achievement won't unlock
  225. Possible cause for freezing at Match Loading?
  226. Vulcan Ammo Box Reloading ...
  227. OneShot on Mercy didn't shoot
  228. Horde Command Pack weapon skins don't show up?
  229. My friend can't play gears.
  230. Problem with "King of COG" Medal
  231. anyone else seeing this?!
  232. season pass not working
  233. Close Quarters
  234. Horde respawn glitch
  235. [Glitch] Versus Sampler Platter Achievement
  236. Gears of War 3 Freezing (Not sure if the same as profile freezing posts)
  237. Blood drive - Command Centers not working
  238. Bug in Alpha Playlist I want to report
  239. Why can't i play public i can only play privite
  240. I bought the season pass but even within the game still says I have to pay 800ms.
  241. Can Someone tell me How to fix my Rank Reset Problem???
  242. Cannot play online, Gamer profile settings?
  243. im tierd of people cheating (reporting a glitch in drydoc)
  244. Gears of War 3 Broken DLC Issue! HELP!
  245. Level Reset
  246. horde command pack
  247. Gow 3 solutions now
  248. my game kinda freezes after every ranked vs match
  249. XP Points different after games than in the Stats and Awards page...
  250. Horde Command Pack Glitch