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  1. Epic: Escalation never shows up in TDM for me
  2. Audio problem: Rust Lung -- when you raise torpedoes, the sounds drops out
  3. Title Update 4 - Flaming Retro
  4. Campaign Progress Reset
  5. game freezing at title screen after the title update!!
  6. Would like someone from EPIC to take a look at my case.. Various stats issues
  7. 7 x glitched scores on Jacinto - Hardcore Beast Leaderboard
  8. Flame Retro
  9. campaign achievements ¡¡¡¡ ERRASED!!!
  10. Ribbons not showing up in local Private ?
  11. Glitch first Amon equals
  12. WTF?
  13. Xbox Crashing and Freezing when playing hord
  14. Leader Tac-com Vision is blurred
  15. To All Alternate Control Scheme Users and EPIC *Issues with the RighStick*
  16. For the Hoard medal after reset
  17. Question about Fortification medal.
  18. GOW3 Breaks my Internet
  19. Data lost after TU4 update
  20. "What Does This Button Do?" Achievement Not Unlocking!
  21. glitch in some medals, skins, etc.
  22. Somebody please help me
  23. Option to pick up weapons in private matches not appearing
  24. Updated on 3/20/12 and subsequently lost days worth of ribbons/ weapon kill stats.
  25. problem with season pass
  26. Gears of War 3 Air Slide
  27. Need permission to play, switch party type to enable xbox live??
  28. Insane Mode Locked Bug
  29. Video Freezing on Start Screen
  30. Banned
  31. Problem with Raam's Shadow DLC
  32. A small question
  33. Some anoying issue GoW 3 beta rewards
  34. Camera still looks at DBNO players while trying to execute enemies
  35. No X on sniper crosshairs!
  36. Spawn points on KOTH
  37. Question about Seriously 3.0
  38. Problems with playing splitscreen/solo. Hanging on title screen
  39. My GoW3 Gamerscore saying 0?
  40. Why can't I play online?
  41. i wasnt in control of my account
  42. Epic, please take the time out to reply to my situation..
  43. Two problems~
  44. Campaign, collectibles and achievements progresssion resetted (not lv, not medal)
  45. Gears of War 3 Overpass Map
  46. Horde Medals Glitched in permanent lock
  47. Multiplayer Lag Issues.
  48. Marcus had some lines removed?
  49. My Fellow Gears Achievement Not Unlocking
  50. Joined in progress message
  51. Any admins can look into it!!! thank you
  52. Mutators in Horde Not working plz Help
  53. Lambent Zerker Glitch
  54. inbox and notifications
  55. Reporting Modders??
  56. ok now i need help
  57. No fighting and character glitch
  58. Why am i banned? Ive been with gow since 06 man cmon please unban me
  59. A Tiny issue with gears 3 not being able to get online while gears 3 runs
  60. Ok... this is new.
  61. Unreadable Download Content HELP!!!
  62. Anvil Cover Glitch
  63. xbox live glitch
  64. That Silverback Issue Thread (Horde)
  65. I need my beta unlocks!
  66. Season Pass issue hasnt been resolved over 5 months later
  67. Rank problem
  68. Onyx Guard glitch
  69. Disc Unreadable
  70. Please Help
  71. Playing on Forces of Nature playlist?
  72. Forces of nature Disc Unreadable
  73. Gears 3 On Demand problem
  74. Unable to connect to dedicated servers
  75. My rank down by one
  76. Small issue, hoping for some help.
  77. Gridlock
  78. A One-Time glitch.
  79. Gears of War 3 ForcesOfNature downloading content at main menu freeze IMPORTANT!!
  80. i got band from gears 3 how can i contact epic for help
  81. got on gears of war and not it wont let me play??
  82. I want what is mine (Season Pass/DLC)
  83. About Online Ban
  84. Achievement unlocked but no weapon skin
  85. Disc Unreadable possible related problem..
  86. Dear epic
  87. Thrasherball Locust gone????
  88. Can't play online????? NEED HELP!!!
  89. Broken Heart-needs to be said wasn't sure of the best place to post this
  90. Gears Characters not loading
  91. Website issue?
  92. Banned
  93. Weird
  94. No dedicated servers
  95. Horde needs public drop-in/drop-out
  96. Force Multiplayer Achievement and NO skin unlock???
  97. Artillery Ink Grenade Leader stunned?
  98. Change...
  99. Flame retro
  100. Am lokcked out of Gears of War 3 please help!
  101. Forces Of Nature DLC ?
  102. Scorcher is OP
  103. im banned
  104. I can' play online ? -_-''
  105. [HELP] Matchmaking without DLC?
  106. LITERALLY no servers
  107. Zero people playing online? Now hold on there!
  108. No people
  109. Can Somebody help me Please!!
  110. Why can I not create a public campaign anymore?
  111. Silverback level Reset
  112. FoN Playlist Counter / NAT Type Not Showing
  113. Please Admin Help me
  114. cant play online
  115. Rank Reset
  116. ive been banned and wanna know for how long
  117. code of conduct
  118. Little Problem ...
  119. I need help, Scared
  120. Earned 'I've Got This' Achievement, but no skin...
  121. Unable to play Gears of War 3
  122. Forces of Nature Map pack not Working Correctly
  123. Bug report - POV camera
  124. Rank reset issue: How to access locked unlocks after being reset!
  126. Really long versus matchmaking wait times
  127. Banned
  128. Flaming Retro Lancer Help.
  129. No respawn on Guardian if you die seconds before leader
  130. Banned
  131. Got banned randomly
  132. Help for Fl4k skin !!
  133. FoN Horde Glitch
  134. Guardian mode and old maps.
  135. FoN Achievements Not Unlocking
  136. [REPORT] Cycle maps FON does not exist in Team Deathmatch quickly
  137. Forces of Nature Not working offline
  138. What's new since 24/12/11 or if you're American 12/24/11?
  139. banned
  140. I have been banned
  141. Forces of Nature (Guardian) Issue
  142. I got banned for no reason!! (and yes no reason)
  143. Issue
  144. ban
  145. Missing Content -Dedicated Servers
  146. Issue
  147. banned for downloading the dlc?
  148. microsoft told me i got banned but only from fenix rising maps
  149. 'not able to play gears of war 3 multi player"
  150. Help Please
  151. Hits not registering and too much hit registering?
  152. I unlocked the "I've Got This" Acheivement but DID'NT get the "Ivory Weapon Skin"
  153. Spoiler TU4 Issues For Banned Profile And Console. Please Read This Sagacious Article
  154. HoD on Aftermath
  155. Reset to level one
  156. i think i've been banned
  157. Ivory Skin wont unlock
  158. Whose idea was it to make Gears 3's Horde mode more like?
  159. Banned on multiple xbox's
  160. Why no Private Guardian?
  161. Spawning as default 'Marcus' private Horde.
  162. Field Service Medal stuck on "0" Question.
  163. Banned 4 a skin loooool(not used since 3 month!!!!)
  164. Cole Train Skin
  165. Forum leaders
  166. Microsoft Said I Am Okay To Play But Still Cant
  167. Multiplayer skin issue in Guardian;
  168. I've Got This achievement unlocked but no ivory camo
  169. No Fenix Rising For Me?
  170. Recovering banned account to new xbox?
  171. Gears 3 Multiplayer
  172. No last man out ribbon for guardian?
  173. Spoiler Flak I Need Help Please !!!
  174. So uhh will I get banned?
  175. Random death glitch
  176. Ive got this unlocked Ivory skin still locked
  177. Gears of war 3 rank reset
  178. Horse leveling issue - Fenix rising maps
  179. [Guardian] Leader captures/kills as leader not registrating on leaderboards
  180. No Friendly Fire
  181. Whats going on!
  182. Guardian effects CTL stats.
  183. I’m not getting put into any matches..
  184. Banned before, banned again? even if i dont mod?!
  185. Flaming Retro Lancer
  186. Bring Back Warzone Eliminate Quick Match!!!!
  187. Can't download DLC properly.
  188. got banned dont know why? plz help
  189. how do you fix
  190. Big issue connexion with Forces of Nature
  191. Gear of War for PC Installation Issue (Tried with TWO discs now!)
  192. Jacinto Barrier issue and Suggestion
  193. Never Received Gears 3 Gold Unlocks
  194. please help
  195. Why do I not get a Last Man Out ribbon on Guardian?
  196. Academy Torque Bow Issue
  197. is anybody there???
  198. Ivory Skin Did Not Unlock
  199. Issue with horde.
  200. horde mode enemy variety issue
  201. I cant join in quick matches or ranked matches and I have no clue why this is!
  202. Damage issue?
  203. Issue for a banned profile
  204. epic please help me i just got my rank set to level one is there any way i lost every
  205. banned from gears of war 3
  206. Multiple Leaders in one round?
  207. beta items
  208. Forces of Nature Dedicated Server issue
  209. Cannot play DLC on multiplayer
  210. Spoiler Contact Forum Admin Is Not Working !!!1
  211. Flaming Retro Unlock
  212. Help?
  213. Disc Unreadable?
  214. For those who may think that there is a gameplay issue
  215. Freezing screen
  216. Got banned need help??
  217. Will the campaign reset (not rank reset) affect seriously 3.0?
  218. I just bought fenix pack and now am unable to play it?!?!? Wtf?
  219. Cant play online on Gears of War 3.
  220. Small Problem found with Guardian
  221. Roadie Run Glitch or User Error?
  222. Horde Trenches Glitch
  223. Gears 3 and Gears 2 MP and campaign process lost?
  224. Cleavers in Guardian on Aftermath.
  225. Gnasher Shotgun Sucks.
  226. need justice
  227. Can't play public, NEED REALY HELP!!!
  228. i can't play gow3 online
  229. Do you think Epic should Notify GOW players in the game saying they've been BAN?
  230. How often do people get reset?
  231. Please help me!! :(:(
  232. Can not play public, always local?
  233. Possible fix for reset issue
  234. Would this work
  235. Forces of Nature not working with Season Pass?
  236. Rank reset again !!!!!!!!
  237. My Gears has gone back to TU1??
  238. Lag.
  239. Not being prompted to download Forces of Nature
  240. Season pass/dlc issues - epic pls read, i think i know the problem
  241. Achievements and Xbox.com
  242. Bought GoW3 and season pass today, doesn't work
  243. Forces of Nature not appearing for Season Pass Holder
  244. Issue with the forces of nature dlc
  245. - FoN DLC on Horde & Beast modes -
  246. No Season Pass download option for FoN???
  247. Season pass broken!!!!
  248. How do i download forces of nature if i have a season pass?
  249. Season Pass, no prompt to download Fenix and Force dlc.
  250. Joining in progress message