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  1. We Few, We Happy Few unlocked EARLY
  2. Seriously 3.0 progress bar doesnt move/we few we happy few wont unlock
  3. Gears Of War 3 Not Unlocking
  4. stats glitch
  5. Medal Stats Not Updating Correctly
  6. Horde Escalation Bug (Mods/Admins please look!!)
  7. What Happened to my Campaign Save Data? It is Gone
  8. All for One, One for All Achievement will not Unlock
  9. plzz help i cant play online
  10. What To DO after being reset to level 1??
  11. just spoke to a guy whos a blue 100
  12. Party getting seperated....grenades are glitching......4 vs 6
  13. Level 76 in casual mode?
  14. Horde bugged!!!Money stolen.
  15. Warmonger medal unlock problem
  16. major freezing
  17. Esculation on Ranked TDM
  18. TDM tieout?
  19. The Slab: Horde bug
  20. Can't play all the new maps on ranked?!?
  21. Video Weird Academy color glitch[Video added]
  22. We Few, We Happy Few... Achievement Not Unlocking
  23. How to potentially stop the Gears of War 3 random freezing issue(s)
  24. Six players on one team.
  25. Being banned for nothing
  26. "Cannot Connect to Multiplayer"
  27. Stats wont update
  28. Has any1 found a solution yet?
  29. a sadness
  30. BulletMarsh Glitch Jumping off the bridge
  31. Locust on cog team in horde
  32. Balance problems and problems of weapons gears of war 3
  33. "Game Error: Disc Unreadable" problem fixed!
  34. Didn't receive one of my Avatar Unlocks
  35. Host Disconnect Horde Mode
  36. Horde(Private): Forces everyone to start game as Marcus
  37. BUG REPORT : Step-by-Step to Recreate Inside
  38. really epic i did nothing to cost you money or ruin anyone's experience.
  39. No fill in bots?
  40. i would appreciate my mutator
  41. war supporter
  42. King of Cog Issue
  43. Shotgun Pack Not Working
  44. Medals Not Counting
  45. The Betta was more realistic and equalized.
  46. Not going negative in matches, but K/D continues to drop steadily?
  47. Matchmakin issues
  48. Weapon Trading Problem
  49. Can't Splitscreen Multiplayer
  50. Skins and characters lost
  51. Gears of War and Internet Connection
  52. Stuck at match summary
  53. Thinking this needs a localization check!(Minor Issue)
  54. Beta unlocks in the war journal
  55. Achievement Not Unlocking? help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  56. downgraded my level
  57. Disconnect boots me to main menu during private Horde; very annoying
  58. Video Weapon pickup needs a fix
  59. Video Shots favoring to the left
  60. !!!Vengeful Medal Still Broken!!!
  61. Ranked disconnects
  62. Random 0 players online bug?
  63. Matchmaking issues
  64. Arcade/campaign reset
  65. Lagging bad tonight....
  66. insane horde keeps freezing
  67. The little things...
  68. Guardian
  69. Spoiler Where did my rank, stats, and awards go
  70. Alternate Control Scheme Issue
  71. Spoiler Where di my rank, stats, and awards go?
  72. Can't play multiplayer, keeps telling me to re-download content
  73. you can keep a neutral hill locked in place in KOTH indefinitely
  74. Error! Disc unreadable
  75. Map Pack Gone
  76. Alternate control scheme.
  77. Matchmaking Issues
  78. Lag creates zombies?
  79. my campaign saves has been removed!!!help
  80. Epic please, stop messing up with the matchmaking!
  81. Season Pass Broken?
  82. Backing up a reset profile from another xbox?
  83. Cant play online
  84. Lost SELECTIVE Stats and Awards since recent update.
  85. How and What To Do
  86. Cant Unlock For The Horde! Medal
  87. Lost my Thrashball Cole
  88. Better Man ribbon broken?
  89. Freezing all the time
  90. Very bad hit detection and bullet lag??? help??
  91. Back to main menu in ranked (Brazilian servers)
  92. Weapon skins not showing up
  93. Clocktower? Bullet Marsh?
  94. Please fix Seriously 3.0!
  95. I cant find any ranked match unless I play team deathmatch
  96. Rank Reset
  97. Leaderboard Reset?!?
  98. Online Problem - Plese Help
  99. Summary of issues on italian matchmaking
  100. Beast mode Onyx medals XP doesn't get awarded
  101. Not getting Clocktower or BulletMarsh anymore
  102. Cant buy anything in horde ? :S
  103. Infinite ammo mutator wont unlock++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
  104. Weapon Duplication
  105. Can't Find a Match
  106. regarding freezing
  107. arcade went to - 2 567 889 987 after xbox update!?!?!?
  108. Im in Level 50 and i dont have the Level 50 Achievement!
  109. War Supporter
  110. Video Meatshield Bug Exposed (EPIC Please Fix!)
  111. TOP TWO things EPIC needs to fix, from another major game developer
  112. Some of my in game achievements and collectibles have been reset.
  113. Gears 3 freezes my console! Loading gamer profile..
  114. For a 2nd time I have lost all my stats
  115. italy matchmaking is a big problem find a match
  116. Two bugs in CTL
  117. Strange... same skin unlock shown 3 times
  118. Dropped players in Horde matchmaking
  119. Horde Freezing on Wave Completed!!!
  120. Issues with character dialogue
  121. Digger launcher can't go under cars
  122. am not able to play online
  123. Friendly fire mutator relocked
  124. Xbox Live Disconnect
  125. Question to EPIC Games!
  126. Possible solution to the reset problem - please leave feedback!
  127. King of COG medal Issue/Bug
  128. Semi-Auto Sniper reload glitch/exploit
  129. Possible smoke bug/glitch?
  130. The Slap map glitch
  131. rank reset help
  132. Can't Play Online?
  133. Disconnected from Xbox live whenever I start Gears 3
  134. Internet Connection help
  135. I Do not know
  136. Can I play some games that aren't completely one sided please??
  137. cant get horde master medal
  138. why have epic employees abandoned these forums for twitter?
  139. lag out of multiplayer
  140. How do I backup my Gears data?
  141. Flaming Weapon Skins
  142. fix horde 1-50 medal
  143. Act 3 chapter 2 journal collectible.
  144. So I have to purchse all of the DLC in order to actually play on the Dedicated Server
  145. I have problem
  146. Question from my data of gears 3
  147. Horde: Glitched made me a Bot for wave 1
  148. loss of rank
  149. So EPIC.....about those leaderbaords.
  150. Disappearing ribbons
  151. Can an epic admin help me with my dilemma
  152. Help weapon skins problem Please
  153. EXTREME LAG! Rubberbanding/Bullet hit delay etc. Unplayable...
  154. Help with gold gnasher skin
  155. cant use crimson omen for hammerburst or retro need help
  156. No Event Ribbon
  157. Didnt know where to post this..
  158. freeze at stroage devices
  159. Banned from Gears of War 3?
  160. Gears 3 Beta Codes Issue.
  161. Not Getting Horde Onyx Medal
  162. Gears logs me off xbox live automatically now?
  163. No Zeta Squad members as default characters in private Horde
  164. I've been Server Banned.
  165. Advice for people experiencing lag.
  166. Unlockables Issues Through Gears 3 Achievements
  167. Gears of war 3 ban in question
  168. Joined in Progress glitch
  169. One bug and a bunny!
  170. Cheating
  171. king of cog glitch
  172. Thrashball Glitch
  173. Achievement "We few we happy few" and friendly fire mutator won't unlock
  174. after loss of rank my campain score and hoard achivement wont record within the game
  175. Possible solution to profile freezing!
  176. Gears didn't give me credit for beating campaign on Insane Mode
  177. Wheres my Gold Gnasher and medal?
  178. Did not receive golden weapons.
  179. Video Ink Grenades.....
  180. Problem with silverback levels
  181. Possible cheat
  182. Mapcycle?
  183. Can't get on Dedicated servers
  184. Hard Disc Problem
  185. have i been banned?
  186. cant play online
  187. Campaign Reset
  188. Video Cant Play on dedictaed servers!!! (I Purchased The Season Pass)
  189. GoW3 Beta Awards did not transfer over to GoW3 Actual....
  190. is my gamer tag banned sealteam6 viper
  191. Request a full reset.
  192. Gold skins didn't unlock.
  193. help with dlc
  194. Cant acces GEARSOFWAR website unable to login
  195. server locked - ban Please help
  196. Read please
  197. Booster Map Pack
  198. Shotgun Snipes
  199. my beta codes were erased!
  200. is this an issue ? preferred characters quick match not loading ?
  201. Video Escalation Spawns.
  202. Gore blocking shots
  203. During lambent berzerker fight on insane, Reload Checkpoint became greyed out
  204. Brazilian Servers
  205. My levels have been erased and I at a level one now!!!! I was level 138!
  206. Everything I have worked hard for is GONE! My game reset me back to a level 1!
  207. Video Some Issues that need to be fixed
  208. laging and missing event calendar
  209. Weird achievement glitch thingy
  210. Achivment reset
  211. Spectator mode problems
  212. What the hell
  213. Season Pass does not allow me to get the new expansions.
  214. RANK reset to level 1, lost all ribbons and medals but not Skins??
  215. impossible de voir me connecté avec mon id live sur le site gears of war home
  216. Planted Nade not Expolding
  217. Backup file question..
  218. Thievius Sisko's thread on rank resets
  219. Achievments gone!
  220. i've got a problem about the achievements
  221. Playlists issue
  222. Retro lancer and modern lancer turret aiming out of sync
  223. Silverback downgrade
  224. Time to REUP achievement not unlocking? and Now they begin to understand
  225. OFFICIAL Gears Of War Website
  226. "The Cloud"
  227. Rank Reset and the 'For The Horde' Medal
  228. Read this if this happened to you!
  229. Frustrated and cannot play on line
  230. Female character's hands glitching through weapons
  231. rank reset question
  232. Modded Hammerburst?
  233. Founder ribbon is broken
  234. banned for no reason and cant get help :/
  235. Disc reading error
  236. Failure to Connect to host. Cannot join game session
  237. Wrong sound file playing
  238. De Ranked???
  239. Hit detection failure.
  240. Calendar/War Supporter problem? HELP!
  241. Losing Progress (Not Ranks Though)
  242. Can't play online now
  243. System Link Lag!?!?!?
  244. Weird unlock on the "Trickshot" Ribbon
  245. Freez at Title screen
  246. BIG PROBLEM! all downlaoded content gone!?
  247. For the horde??
  248. Can't join because your game version is different to the host
  249. Back up save
  250. Title update 4 messing with levelling up progress?