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  1. Expectations for the campaign?
  2. Marcus and Anya
  3. Spoiler So, how did you like the campaign?
  4. 4 Player Coop Campaign *if your looking for players in your area*
  5. Are you going to try and beat campaign day 1?
  6. Has Matchmaking for Campaign been confirmed?
  7. What player slot is Carmine?
  8. Can we choose what player what we are?
  9. Arcade 4 player?
  10. Spoiler For those who completed the campaign
  11. Spoiler Pulp Fiction?
  12. Official No spoilers!
  13. Leveling up in Campaign
  14. Has it been confirmed?
  15. Simultaneous online and local coop
  16. Anyone who has played 4 player co-op
  17. subtitles...off switch?
  18. Campaign Arcade and Regular?
  19. Act: 1 Prologe. 4 Pllayer Coop can i have it? Do you nee dit?
  20. Gears of War 3's Campaign Length
  21. So many Unanswered Questions
  22. Leveling up the in the Campaign?
  23. Warning: Play Campaign on Solo/Private Party first
  24. Uk 4 Player Campaign
  25. Spoiler Marucs scar
  26. Thank you Epic
  27. Question about the credits for those who have beaten the game
  28. Destructible enviorment
  29. Spoiler A nice little touch Epic did (DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T BEAT CAMPAIGN YET)
  30. Thank you Epic
  31. Major Slowndown in Act II (perhaps spoilers)
  32. Spoiler Well done, Epic (Don't look if you haven't beaten the campaign) [VIDEO]
  33. Confused but hopefully can get some help
  34. Spoiler Act III, Chapter 2 on Insane [Only read if completed this chapter][SPOILER]
  35. Spoiler Carmine in Campaign
  36. the end of act 3 (spoiler)
  37. Spoiler Future Campaign DLC
  38. Spoiler The Humor! SO Good!
  39. Spoiler Bitter Sweet The Story Was Yeah?
  40. Spoiler Marcus & Dom?
  41. Thank You EPIC!
  42. Spoiler lambent bulletstorm
  43. 14 Hours, and I finally finished Campaign.
  44. Help with the Lambent Berserker
  45. Haha! Can you show me the two-piece again?
  46. need 3 for act 1 prologue and 1st mission
  47. Spoiler Easter Eggs
  48. just completed campagin (no spoilers)
  49. Can you not pick player #?
  50. Just Finished the Campaign (now with spoilers)
  51. Spoiler The Locust (Refrain from reading if you have not beat the campaign)
  52. Manly Tears [BIG SPOILER]
  53. Looking for 4 person Co-Op Start to End.
  54. Anyone annoyed with...? (Start of game spoilers)
  55. Video Cole Train Slide
  56. AI Team-Mates
  57. 4 Player Coop Question
  58. Spoiler Lack of Locust?
  59. Only host should be able to skip videos
  60. Spoiler Clayton Carmine
  61. Prescott different voice actor?
  62. dlc=side storties
  63. how long is Act 5?
  64. Video Gears of War 3 Cutscenes
  65. problem with the X button
  66. Spoiler Did anyone find it hard to carry on after...?
  67. Spoiler Clayton Carmine DLC
  68. Spoiler Act 3 - Dont read if you havent Finished
  69. How do you pick your Gears Character in Campaign mode?
  70. Big thumbs up to Epic gaming for this awesome game
  71. Spoiler Lambent Lifeforms (all)
  72. [SPOILER] Flying Helicopters= Plot hole?
  73. Who else picked up on the Bubb Rubb reference?
  74. Spoiler The Prologue and Death
  75. Completed Insane unlocked in-game content...What content?
  76. Looking for co op partners for INSANE difficulty
  77. Spoiler Thank you!!
  78. Omg what did i just play?!?!?!
  79. Spoiler Carmine
  80. Spoiler Was I the only one who was super happy...
  81. Spoiler Anybody else torn between..
  82. Ripped apart by a Lambent Drudge
  83. Locust Queen/Elaine Fenix + Adam Fenix= Marcus Fenix
  84. Thanks Epic for the WONDERFULL end of the Triology
  85. [Spoiler] Speechless....
  86. Playing on Insane Mode Solo
  87. Spoiler Baird and Sam [SPOILERS!]
  88. after finishing the campaign, what gear will have the greatest legacy
  89. I am currently in email contact with karen traviss, so post your questions for her
  90. They listened! Marcus got his $20!!!!!!!!
  91. Spoiler Azura?!
  92. Spoiler I just finished....Holy crap.
  93. Spoiler gears 2 and gears 3 eerie moments, did they have any real meaning?
  94. Spoiler Unanswered questions...
  95. SPOILER ALERT! Campaign discussion, spoiler from all over the game.
  96. DLC
  97. Campaign Act 4 Chapter 6 ..
  98. would you agree that Marcus is the most "famous" COG
  99. What happened to Griffin and why...
  100. Onyx Medals?
  101. Spoiler It All Comes Full Circle
  102. I am sad about the ending...
  103. Spoiler I told you lmfao!!
  104. Girly Tears (HUGE SPOILER)
  105. unanswered questions
  106. Spoiler OMG Griffin....
  107. Okay. Gears 3 Insane Co-Op Question.
  108. :( Once I completed the campaign - I was disappointed........
  109. Spoiler my thoughts and questions. can anyone answer?
  110. Spoiler Why did Marcus get so pissed at Griffin
  111. Lambent Bersker on 4-Player Hardcore
  112. Spoiler Can anyone tell me what Queen Myrrah says about the Locust at the end?
  113. (SPOILERS) Plot Holes :eek:
  114. So how about them "COG TAGS"
  115. Spoiler The voice and the knife
  116. Spoiler So i just completed the campaign and...
  117. Looking For 3 Players for Co-Op!
  118. Spoiler So have I got this right?....
  119. Spoiler Was I not listening properly or...
  120. Spoiler Campaign Deaths.
  121. Spoiler Does anyone share my annoyance about...
  122. jace ch3
  123. was anyone expecting marcus to hit griffin
  124. Spoiler Did they forget to update these?
  125. Bots...
  126. Question about setting difficulty on 1 playthrough with 4 friends
  127. What "Happened to the leader" of rebel army? WARNING SPOILERS
  128. Campaign on insane
  129. "Chapter Select" goes to the "Load" option instead of "Chapter Select"
  130. Spoiler How In The World....
  131. To anybody whos completed the game on insane.
  132. Spoiler Prescott's Mansion!
  133. Spoiler I became the happiest MF in the world when I got to Act 1 Ch2 and Act 5 Ch 6.
  134. Thrasherball question?
  135. Looking for a 4th Person for Co-Op Campaign: Please Read if Interested
  136. Spoiler End of Act 3
  137. Epic really enjoys opening doors...
  138. Need Players NOW for Final Boss Fight: BROTHERS TO END
  139. Spoiler For Those Of Us Who Read The Novels: Our Campaign Experience
  140. For the Fans of Dom
  141. Too easy?
  142. Spoiler Act 2 boss battle
  143. Spoiler Brothers to... the end?
  144. Spoiler Ending of Act 3...
  145. Spoiler Upset by the ending.
  146. Spoiler Dog picture---possibly a spoiler
  147. Spoiler Through Act 3 so far...
  148. Spoiler Not really an easter egg....
  149. Spoiler Post-Campaign Thoughts!
  150. Did you feel some sort of closure for the locust? [spoilers]
  151. Spoiler Haven't played Horde yet, what is the Campaign spoiler in it?
  152. Insane campaign help
  153. GoW 3 Arcade Mode - Insane. 2 PLAYERS NEEDED.
  154. Installing Game to HD major problem. [Minor Spoilers only Act one]
  155. Spoiler Should clay of been more epic?
  156. Spoiler saving private carmine
  157. Spoiler credit song
  158. Spoiler anyone noticed A.Carmine and B.Carmine in Act 1 "troubled passed"?
  159. [SPOILER] Did you tear up at the end of act four?
  160. Spoiler Easter eggs in Campaign
  161. Campaign Playthrough!
  162. Still a chance for Saving Private Carmine DLC?
  163. Anyone want to do act 1 4 player co-op on insane?
  164. gears of war insane 4 player campaign..
  165. Am I the only one who expected something after the credits?
  166. NEED 2 FOR insane run. ActICh2 start
  167. Anyone beat Insane difficulty solo?
  168. Spoiler Boss on insane (advice needed)
  169. What do you get besides the achievment for beating this game on insane?
  170. Anyone up for a 4 Player Co-op on Insane?
  171. Can you be Down But Not Out on Insane mode (coop)???
  172. Spoiler Has anybody else obtained the NEW BOOMSHOT? (Easter Egg)
  173. Anyone want to do some 4 player arcade right now?
  174. Spoiler Question about the ending.
  175. Tai Kaliso and the Chainsaw
  176. Arcade or campagin on Insane solo ?
  177. Best Campaign EVER!
  178. Betty returns from Gears of War 2!
  179. So did anyone else see the Ticker fight easter egg?
  180. [SPOILER] How It Should Have Happened
  181. Spoiler Final Boss Insane Tactic Thread
  182. Spoiler What is on it???? Its driving me nuts!
  183. Mac
  184. Spoiler Now that I finished the game..
  185. Spoiler The real ending to gears of war 3 SECRET
  186. Unanswered Questions
  187. Spoiler People gonna die?
  188. Spoiler Need few answers
  189. Spoiler Some Minor Campaign Disappointments?
  190. *SPOILER* Was I the only person who got emotional during the campaign?
  191. Looking for 4 player (insane) acts 4-5
  192. Insane 4 player Coop Campaign Act 5.1-> 5.6 right now
  193. So anyone up for insane 4 player run through?
  194. Spoiler Something I noticed about Queen Myrrah
  195. Spoiler Act 3
  196. insane 4 player co-op
  197. When exactly is "Coming Soon"?
  198. [SPOILER] Clayton Carmine.
  199. Gears of War 3 four player co-op Campaign
  200. [SPOILER] Question about Queen Myrrah's origins
  201. 4 player co op on insane (acts 4-5)
  202. Bodyguards
  203. Spoiler question about Adam Fenix
  204. 4 player coop campaign
  205. [spoiler] question regarding who you get to play as in 4 person co-op
  206. 4 player co op
  207. Spoiler I think I know who Myrrah really is.
  208. Looking for 2 more for Insane Arcade campaign
  209. Spoiler Damn you Marcus!
  210. Question about Arcade and Standard Campaign..
  211. Saw a drone carrying an ammo box...
  212. Spoiler Need 1 more for Final Boss on Insane
  213. Boss hardcore.
  214. We Want Spanish Language for GOW3.
  215. Give Us Weapon Skins in the Campaign!
  216. Spoiler Who is driving the other car?
  217. What do you guys want from the Campaign DLC?
  218. And still RAAM is the hardest boss of Gears of War
  219. A few questions
  220. Caption mess up SPOLIER
  221. [SPOILERS] Who else felt that the characters weren't portrayed correctly?
  222. Spoiler Flaw I found with Dom...
  223. Griffin Lovers??
  224. Act II - Hijack Gas Barge Tower - Lazy Developers or Invisible Enemy Bug?
  225. Spoiler Thank you EPIC for this amazing game, especially campaign. What are your thoughts?
  226. Spoiler Opinions on the end?
  227. 3 PEOPLE for Campaign - Now
  228. Marcus and Griffin
  229. [SPOILER] In desperate need of some help.
  230. Help me plz!
  231. Stay away from any youtube videos having to do with gears....
  232. Spoiler What part of the campaign gave you the most trouble on solo insane?
  233. Spoiler Azura
  234. Spoiler Origin of clay carmine
  235. Insane Campaign Faq
  236. Video Lambent Zerker Glitch
  237. Spoiler an overall view
  238. Question about Co-op Arcade
  239. Host a public insane campaign.
  240. Is there anything after the credits?
  241. Spoiler I'd love to see an easter egg of this in future DLC
  242. Spoiler Their fate.
  243. Spoiler Something that made me smile!
  244. Arcade Insane help!
  245. Insane Campaign Help Now Please....
  246. Crash
  247. Spoiler campaign DLC idea's
  248. Spoiler Still a bit confused on some things
  249. doing it for dom
  250. Insane Arcade Act IV start