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  1. Available: Skilled Designer and Programmer
  2. Unreal Demolition looking for Artists/LDs, Programmers
  3. Available: Writer, Designer, and Developer
  4. Crystal Core - Seeking Members!
  5. Tactical Assault looking for talent.
  6. Sabre Games-Recruitment Closing Soon(Paid)
  7. Wild West Games looking for small team
  8. Formation of new UDK based team
  9. Blackheart Games
  10. 3D Modeler with nothing to do.
  11. Infestation team looking for help
  12. Spaceship designs...
  13. Modeler looking for work or a project to pass my time
  14. Designer/Developer looking to team up and...
  15. LF project
  16. Descent clone
  17. Looking For A Teacher
  18. Blue Galaxy Project - Looking for Programmer
  19. Exchange talent
  20. Looking for a mentor
  21. AFF:Planetstorm team looking for skilled mappers/leveldesigners
  22. Available: Systems and Content Designer
  23. Looking for anyone who can help
  24. Assault Knights: Reign of Steel.
  25. Arteria3d art assets sale for unreal users
  26. Tiberian Wrath wants YOU!
  27. Composer/SFX Guy waving his hand in the air...
  28. A projectmanagers journey into a world of Games.
  29. Hello from 2ndawn (Looking to expand our team to finsh a demo for UBISOFT)
  30. Do you require a Unreal Specific Modeler & texture Artist
  31. Generic - Help wanted
  32. Hello
  33. 3D Artist - Looking for Indie Dev Team
  34. Mad Writing Skills (Looking for Writing jobs)
  35. Looking for cartoon-style Character Artist for UDK project (paid work)
  36. The Malazan Project- Recruitment
  37. The Dead - Programmer Seeking Artist(s)
  38. Soldiers' Stories Recruitment drive.
  39. blank
  40. Experienced Artist / Animator Available
  41. 3D Artist Available for Freelance
  42. New Non-commercial project for portfolio + shareware - looking for assistance
  43. MagicGames Looking For Team Members!
  44. Scylla, Is Hiring Dont miss out.
  45. Job: Custom Light Object
  46. ExpTeam Project Alone (Topic for Russian Members)
  47. Project
  48. Anyone who would like to help :D
  49. Underground Games Looking for talent
  50. Game-Emperors, Are Hiring
  51. K9GamingStudios-Looking for Team Members
  52. Laid Off Game Dev looking to help
  53. When Night Falls - Vampires vs. Lycans - Talent needed
  54. i need help
  55. Feelers out for action RPG
  56. UDK ready animated Race Car models needed.
  57. 3D Technical Artist
  58. 3D "Artist" looking for a Project
  59. cartoony diabloesque project needing scripter / coder
  60. Global Front
  61. hobbyist modeler, looking to do something NEW
  62. Looking for Unreal Script or Kismet coder.
  63. looking for rest of a team
  64. Looking for training partnet
  65. 3D artist and learner programmer in C++ looking for a team to join
  66. Lukewarm Media -Recruiting
  67. Jp-Studios Recruiting for a few positions on Team
  68. DTG looking for artists and mappers for UDK game
  69. Needing a 3D artist
  70. Like SiFi ? maybe you should join "I-Win Studios"
  71. Seeking a programmer!
  72. First-Person animator
  73. Looking for a team (Sci-Fi)
  74. Rise Game Studio - **UNIVERSITY / COLLEGE STUDENTS** Read more - UPDATE
  75. Setting up Game Dev Team...
  76. Sound Designer Looking for Team
  77. Recently graduated environment student looking for a team.
  78. Level designer looking for team
  79. [Hobbyist][Freelancer] Taylor Hood
  80. 2ndawn games restaffing "All positions open"
  81. looking for team to make a FPS
  82. 3d Artist - Seeking Team
  83. We're hunting for talent in the Bay Area!
  84. Looking for a concept artist. 1-2 creative, challenging images!
  85. Reboot Entertainment - the best of the best!
  86. 2D Artist wanted.
  87. need animatur...
  88. A new "Star Wars" game (noncommercial)
  89. Diminished Studios: Looking for work!
  90. Anyone want to take a noob under their wing?
  91. Anyone working on multiplayer projects (not MMO style)?
  92. The Prometheus Team is looking to expand
  93. Dark Gamerz Studio- Looking for Team Members
  94. 3d Artist Specialized in UDK looking for work and feedback
  95. Death on Sale (Animator Needed)
  96. Luna Porta - Sci-Fi Game
  97. Seeking Programmers for Underwater Stealth / Action game!
  98. Unreal Developer -- Contract (Paid) Position
  99. Pandangerous Productions seeking awesome character artists and Webmaster guru
  100. Newkind Designs Needs More Talent for "Red Fox"
  101. Need help for prep
  102. Seeking Programmers!
  103. Dark Shroud Games (Need team)
  104. 3d Artist looking for a team
  105. PolyBeast - Programmer Wanted for Commercial Project
  106. Small team of friends looking for a programmer to help us get started.
  107. Battlezone II Style-Game
  108. Ghostly Studios seeks Unreal Developer
  109. Unreal 1 HD Project (Need help)
  110. Two artists looking for an Unreal scripter to make one of those game things.
  111. 2d/3d artist modeler needed
  112. 3D Artist available for freelance (modeling/animation)
  113. Freelance Concept Artist/3D modeler
  114. I'm a n00b, how should I start?
  115. PB Viz looking for a UDK Developer for a "Serious Game"
  116. looking for a team (FPS action sandbox)
  117. Futuristic War Game
  118. Are you interested in doing voice talent?
  119. Project "Road Rage" (Working Title) - Call for Talent
  120. MechWarrior Film Project at Mechstorm.com
  121. Look for Members
  122. [Offered] Audio Production
  123. Easy Project Anyone? - eSports Target!
  124. APB-GTA Game style team
  125. EEDLA - "El Enigma de la Abadia" - Looking for Team Members
  126. EXIL - Look for UnrealScript Programmer
  127. Vixen Games - Looking for additional progammers
  128. Newb looking for help.
  129. 3D Artist looking for team and feedback
  130. Dark Shroud Games
  131. UDK Project - Texture Artists wanted!
  132. Looking for programmer for Warhammer 40k project.
  133. Extreme Logging
  134. Lookin for some team!
  135. Please Help with Generic Viagra Spam how to stop this please
  136. Grand Heist - SCI-FI Third Person Shooter
  137. looking for artists or scripters
  138. Recruiting Forum Guidelines
  139. Lovecraft-based game
  140. Looking for people
  141. UDK Ventrilo
  142. Looking for anyone willing to commit!
  143. Cyberpunk/Post-Apocalyptic Project Needs Artists
  144. Environmental Artist Team Available
  145. Fadeout Looking For Recruits
  146. Nightwing Interactive is currently looking for team members
  147. Unnamed Shooter looking for 2 members.
  148. Studio JP Needing Character Modelers
  149. Hello all from ZCT.... REPOST
  150. help needed on indy pc wrestling game
  151. Learning Project Looking for Devs
  152. Orion - Coming to UDK! Seeking talent!
  153. Sydney Based UDK users
  154. We're looking to make a team...
  155. RoboticGame w/ unique and complex gameplay mechanics
  156. Real Soccer, looking for programmer/scripter
  157. Yet Unnamed Dev Group Looking for Members!
  158. Concept/Character/Weapon, etc. Artist here if needed.
  159. Voice Actors
  160. Rookie looking for a small team
  161. Game On a popular Comics in India...Will surely have very much fame
  162. Looking for fellow Game Artist's to help with Cinema Mod
  163. Digital Artist looking for Portfolio quality project
  164. Modellers and Programers Needed!
  165. Indie Developer seeks Talent
  166. UI coder needed - Paid
  167. Character Modeller Required for Doctor Who Project
  168. Looking for Unreal Script programers and Allround Artists for small jobs
  169. Startup Indie team looking for more members
  170. Experienced Level designer wanting to join a team
  171. Yuga Mod WIP Programmer Required Paid
  172. 3d character models/animator
  173. Voice actors and Modelers needed
  174. Unreal scripters needed...
  175. Interstate Outlaws looking for volunteers!
  176. Paid programmer position
  177. Dawn Of Earth (In need of Prop/Character Modeler)
  178. Messing Around With UDK
  179. Hey guys. Could do with some help testing a game concept.
  180. Death on Sale Team Looking for Talent
  181. (Untittled Game) Looking for people
  182. 2.5D Fighting game designer needs help
  183. 3d Artist Wanted
  184. Personnel Needed for Demo
  185. Weapon texturer/artist..whatever.
  186. Recruiting Hobbyist Team for community title
  187. MDickie releases source code (+ TUTORIALS~)
  188. Syntax Entertainment looking for help!
  189. Looking For Blender Artist and Animator
  190. Paid 2 week+ Core mechanics programming job
  191. Paid programming job: PSK/PSA exporter for modo 401. (LUA or Py)
  192. Animator needed
  193. New Indie Studio
  194. Wip Title looking for People!!
  195. 3D Modeller Looking for a side project
  196. Paid programmer wanted!!!!
  197. People needed for a FAB game!
  198. [UPDATED SCREENS] The Spire – Uscript Programmer Wanted
  199. Yengeç Team is still looking for character modellers and animators
  200. Artist lookoing for project, hobby, or work.
  201. 3D Modeler with nothing to do. Again :)
  202. Unique game idea - unpaid learning experience
  203. RTS+City BUILDING anyone?
  204. Survival Style RPG looking for others
  205. Computer Games Designer Student looking for team
  206. F-Zero Project. Need Help!
  207. Programmer/Designer Available (Paid)
  208. 3d Modeler needed
  209. X-COM Origin. RTS+TBS+RPG. CLOSED. sources on github
  210. Looking for a great Unreal Script Coder (contract)
  211. Hybrid FPS-RTS
  212. clysmic studios,*in need of many positions* [year 2238]
  213. Image Posting Guidelines
  214. ColourRunners – Recruiting Unreal scripter
  215. Paid programming position available at Runny Nose Productions
  216. Akron, Ohio team
  217. Looking for an "Allrounder Artist"
  218. Artist seeking a Job (working for free :)
  219. Looking for all-rounder for vampire themed FPS, "Count"
  220. Triplicated Studios - Recruitment for positions
  221. Level designer/3d modeller looking for team/studio to join
  222. 3d Artist/animator needed(unpaid for now)
  223. Animatener
  224. Unchained Games is looking for talent!
  225. Future outlook for Artists vs. Programmers
  226. Programmer needed!!!
  227. Looking for US scripter/coder
  228. Seeking unrealScript Mentor (PAID $$)
  229. In Search of scripter/s
  230. Ammobox Studios pops flare for some reinforcements
  231. Composing for free
  232. Offering: UnrealScript Coder
  233. Anyone out there working on real life like games?
  234. forum setup veteran looking for a job
  235. Ember Studios looking for programmers and artists
  236. 2D Game artists and programers needed
  237. Talent wanted for zombie survival simulator
  238. Contest for the Most Ridiculous Game Idea Ever!
  239. UMMO - Underworld MMO - Adult MORFPS - seeking talent
  240. Medieval Fantasy Game Looking for Artists & Designers
  241. Vex Studios seeks developers
  242. ECHO - First Person Action Game - Looking for Coders and Concept Artists
  243. Looking for Talent - Invert
  244. Need rigger and animater
  245. Acro Storm- Sci-Fi Racer seeking talent!
  246. Looking For Talent!
  247. Pac Man clone, Wanted: One Game Artist
  248. Decent Writer looking for work! Samples inside. Looking for Crits too.
  249. [Paid] Video Game Music Composer available!
  250. My project